Know Human Design, Personality Based on Location, Date, and Time of Birth

 Since centuries ago, there have been many methods used to categorize a person's personality. Zodiac and personality MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) are two methods that are quite popular in the world of personality tests.

Apart from these two methods, there are other methods that may rarely be revealed to the surface, but are equally effective. Is human design, a personality test method that uses birth data to produce unique predictions about a person's personality, ranging from traits, insights about life, to goals. Interesting right?

So, how to calculate personality using the human design method? Compiled from Mind Body Green, here are the reviews.

History of Human Design

Human design was invented by Ra Uru Hu alias Alan Robert Krakower, a man from Montreal, Canada, who had mystical experiences in 1989. It is said that he received information in the form of sound for eight days and eight nights, which was recorded in a book called Rave I'Ching.

Since then, the practice of human design has attracted the attention of many people around the world and Ra Uru Hu spent the rest of his life sharing what he had learned. Quoted from the Jovian Archive, Ra Uru Hu died in March 2011.

How to Test Human Design

Similar to the zodiac, to find out your personality with the human design method you also need to know the date and month of your birth, plus the year, hour, minute, and the location where you were born.

Quoted from Mind Body Green, human design expert, Nikki Brafman, said that this birth information depicts a portrait of the cosmos when you were born and three months earlier when your brain was developing in the womb.

"Human design combines the two and layer them on top of each other and then sees how their energies interact," he explained.

After the data is obtained and the graph is known, you can analyze it yourself or look for professional human design readers. "A reader can translate it into more explainable points. Or, you can also visit the automated human design reader website.

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