Just like lack of sleep, excess is also not good, these are 5 diseases that may occur when you have trouble waking up

 Every living being needs rest. One of them is by sleeping. In humans, this one need has different levels according to age. For example, babies need at least 14 hours of sleep and adults need at least 7 hours of sleep.

Medically, if sleep time is not fulfilled properly, there will be side effects. such as fatigue, excessive sleepiness, difficulty focusing, and irritability. So, what if we experience excess sleep time?

It turned out to be the same. Excess sleep also causes side effects, such as anxiety, fatigue, and memory problems. In fact, sleeplessness is also associated with symptoms of several diseases. This proves that excess sleep is a serious matter that should not be underestimated. Compiled from Web MD, here's the review.


Easy sleepiness is a characteristic of diabetes mellitus. High glucose makes the metabolism run not as it should, causing excessive sleepiness.

Quoted from Web MD, research has also shown that the risk of diabetes can increase due to sleeping too long or not enough every night. If you experience these characteristics, come on, immediately check your blood sugar to the doctor.


Obesity can occur in people who lack sleep, but on the other hand it can also be caused by people who sleep too much. One recent study showed that people who slept for 9-10 hours each night were 21% more likely to be obese over a six-year period than people who slept between 7-8 hours.

The relationship between sleep and obesity even remains the same when food intake and exercise are carried out by people who sleep too much.


Headaches from oversleeping occur like a vicious cycle. People who get headaches easily usually get headaches more easily when they sleep longer on weekends or their off time.

Reporting from Web MD, people who sleep too much during the day, are likely to disrupt their night sleep, which leads to headaches in the morning. See?

Back pain

When you have back pain, maybe you will immediately rest by lying down or sleeping to relieve the pain. However, sleeping too long can also increase the risk of aggravating back pain, you know.

Instead of lying down a lot, you better go to the doctor to check your condition. Most likely, your doctor will also advise you to exercise or do certain activities instead of getting a lot of sleep.


Generally, depression is more often associated with sleep deprivation or insomnia. However, in reality, facts quoted from Web MD say that 15% of people with depression sleep longer, which can ultimately worsen their depression.

In addition to these five diseases, heart disease is also associated with excess sleep. So, be more sensitive to your body, yes. Don't let this condition lead you to diseases you don't want.

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