Judging from the characters, these are the Zodiac 4 actors in the drama series Our Beloved Summer

 South Korea can be regarded as one of the countries that are not only diligent in producing boyband and girl group groups with the K-Pop genre, but also drama serials that are booming overseas. One of the drama series that is currently airing on the SBS television station and quite grabbing the attention of the audience, both from the ginseng country itself and from abroad is Our Beloved Summer.

The drama, which has been airing since December 6, 2021, tells the story of the relationship of a pair of ex-lovers who have been separated for 5 years, but are forced to reconnect due to work matters. This drama is quite interesting to follow thanks to the light storyline with conflicting love problems which may be quite relatable for the audience.

However, apart from the storyline, the characteristics of each actor in the drama Our Beloved Summer are quite interesting to watch. Even if you pay close attention, each of the cast of this drama has a character that fits perfectly with several zodiac signs in astrology. Curious? Check out the reviews!

Aries: Kook Yeon Su

This cute girl who became the main female role in the drama Our Beloved Summer left a very strong impression that made the ex feel confused for years. This is not surprising considering that Kook Yeon Su's character is really Aries.

Love the competition and always determined to be number one is only one of the traits that characterizes Kook Yeon Su. Not to mention his frank and ambitious nature. He is also passionate, motivated, and known as a self-confident leader. However, in addition to all his good qualities, he also has a negative side, namely he tends to be selfish and quite impatient.

Gemini: NJ

NJ is the supporting female role in the series Our Beloved Summer. He has an impulsive nature and doesn't seem serious. He also has a great curiosity and is very good at expressing his heart and thoughts with words and actions. The NJ character in this drama clearly represents the Gemini zodiac.

Scorpio: Kim Ji Ung

As a supporting male role in the drama Our Beloved Summer, Kim Ji Ung has a mysterious character. He has a calm nature, but he can very well attack the weak points of his interlocutor once he opens his mouth.

Compared to other characters in this drama, Kim Ji Ung is the one who understands himself the most. He understands that he likes Kook Yeon Su, but he plans a strategy carefully so as not to cross the line and steal his best friend's lover. This shows the loyal side of the Scorpio zodiac owner.

Pisces: Choi Ung

Guessing the zodiac that represents Choi Ung's artistic and quirky characteristics is certainly very easy. Yes, Pisces! However, apart from his artistic and quirky side, Choi Ung also shows other Pisces characteristics, you know!

One of the striking Pisces traits in Choi Ung is his character who is easily immersed in his own emotions, namely when he broke up with Kook Yeon Su. In addition, Choi Ung also has a tendency to run away rather than solve the problem.

Even so, his kind and gentle personality was the factor that made the two female leads in Our Beloved Summer fall in love with him.

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