Join Dating Apps, Plus Size Women Become Zayn Malik's Ideal Type


Zayn Malik has been single for three months. Finally, he broke up with Gigi Hadid as a result of his quarrel with Yolanda, Gigi's mother.

Now the father of one child is known to have signed up on the WooPlus dating site. This is quoted from the Daily Mail page. Oh yes, these dating apps are known as platforms for people with a curvy or full body.

When you look at Zayn's love history, he is involved with many beautiful models. Prior to Gigi Hadid, Zayn dated model Neelam Gill, and was engaged to Little Mix member Perrie Edwards.

But flashback to 2016, Zayn once revealed that he really likes women with full bodies. "I like women who are a bit chubby in certain areas - nice areas. I like women who are fuller," he says.

Oh yeah the app uses face detection for verification, and a snippet of Zayn trying out the emoticon challenge on the site has leaked. So you can be sure that this is really Zayn Malik, huh!

Zayn's appearance appears with a beard, then moves his face to match the various emoticons on the screen such as an angry or smiling face.

Intrigued by the name pinned by the man who is also on his 29th birthday today in the application? The answer is Zed. He also put his current location in Ottaville, Philadelphia.

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