It's definitely at home, these 5 kitchen spices can overcome a distended stomach, you know! Come on, Cobain!


One of the problems that many people face is a distended stomach. In addition to disturbing appearance, a distended stomach is also not good for health. There are many ways you can do to get rid of a distended stomach, one of which is by consuming certain foods to reduce belly fat.

But, did you know that the spices you have at home can help you get rid of belly fat? Here are five kitchen ingredients that you can use to beat your distended stomach. Come on, find out!


Besides functioning for beauty, this distinctive yellow spice is also able to burn fat in the body, especially belly fat. Turmeric has a thermogenic effect that can increase body heat so that it can increase the body's metabolism.

The trick is to boil grated turmeric with water and wait for it to boil for about 10 minutes. After that, strain the turmeric decoction before drinking.


This one spice is often used as a sprinkling for food or drinks. Cinnamon has been shown to be able to balance blood sugar, control appetite and also cause a feeling of fullness for longer.

Apart from being a cooking spice, you can enjoy the benefits of cinnamon by combining it with oatmeal, unflavored yogurt, or warm tea. It must be noted, if you want to shrink your distended stomach, don't combine cinnamon with boba or cake.


Have you ever seen people who like to eat spicy food but have a flat stomach? Not only creates a spicy taste, it turns out that chili is also able to increase body temperature and metabolism. Once mixed with other spices, chili is able to burn 100 calories for each meal. Wow, lucky for those of you who like spicy food!


Are you curious about why Koreans always eat garlic when they eat barbecue? It turns out there are benefits, you know! Although sometimes it makes bad breath, garlic has been proven to help the body burn fat.

Garlic consumed raw can provide more effective benefits. But if you are bothered by the aroma, you can enjoy the garlic roasted first.


Just like cinnamon, ginger is also able to control blood sugar in the body. By consuming ginger after you eat a high-sugar meal, you can prevent spikes in glucose levels resulting from the food you consumed before.

Consumption of boiled ginger water regularly can help to lose fat in the stomach. To make it taste more delicious, you can also add honey.

How? Easy isn't it? Of course, the five spices above are in your kitchen. Good luck and good bye big belly!

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