It turns out that swimming diligently has many health benefits! Can Help Get Rid of a Distended Stomach

 You must already know that exercise is very beneficial for health? Whatever the type of sport, it has its benefits. This goes back to the ability and willingness of each person. Like swimming, which is considered the most fun and healthy at the same time.

Moreover, swimming is a super complete sport because it moves the whole body, tests muscle endurance, and can perform cardio movements. Apart from exercising physically, swimming also improves health in many other ways. For more details, here are some of the benefits of swimming.

Full Body Workout

Swimming almost involves all the muscles of the body, so don't be surprised if this sport includes a full body workout. Moreover, the style of swimming has many variations so that you can choose according to what you are mastered. Even though cardio is only dominant in the lower part of the body, so the upper part of the body is underdeveloped.

The benefits of swimming on the other hand can move every joint and major muscle in the body. Forces legs, arms and back to work simultaneously. If you are used to land sports, swimming will be a challenge, especially on the shoulders and back.

Burn Calories

Most swimming styles will involve the whole body, so the calories burned will be much more. But this all depends again on body weight and swimming intensity. If done correctly, swimming can burn up to a thousand calories per hour.

Meanwhile, if only swimming while playing can burn 180 to 266 calories per 30 minutes. Then swimming a few laps can burn 300 to 444 calories.

Relieve stress

Of the many types of exercise, swimming is the most effective way to relieve stress. Especially if you apply a calm swimming style without moving much. Being one with water has stress relieving benefits. Swimming can be a space to escape and immerse yourself in solitude. In addition, focus more on breath and body fitness.

Regulates Breathing

After swimming by applying the correct technique, you will definitely experience shortness of breath. This is because swimming has an extraordinary cardio movement so that the heart and lungs must continue to pump oxygenated blood throughout the body. But this is also what can regulate breathing much better than before.

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