It turns out that a person's personality can be seen from his favorite food, some reflect the drama queen!


Talking about favorite foods, everyone has different tastes in choosing the preferred food. Starting from spicy, sweet, bitter, salty, sour, and savory foods. The most important thing is that the food you eat is healthy.

Basically, food serves to complete the daily nutritional needs. However, have you ever thought that your favorite food can reveal your personality?

Reported through the Your Tango page that food can actually describe a person's personality. What is the explanation? Let's check below!

Spicy food

For those of you who like spicy food, you are a brave person and love to explore. You are also a person who is not afraid of all the changes that occur around you, the thoughts you have are also more open aka open minded and don't like boring things. If you feel bored, spicy lovers will do many activities to entertain themselves.

Bitter Food

A person's favorite food with a bitter taste turns out to have a selfish and narcissistic personality. They prioritize themselves, regardless of the conditions around them. For them, the most important thing is fun. You could say, people with this personality tend to be antisocial!

Salty Food

People who like salty foods tend to get carried away easily or are not opinionated. The meaning of this food is also known to have a personality that is difficult to control emotions, such as irritability. Even so, they have a competitive and ambitious spirit.

Sweet Food

If you prefer sweet foods, it means that you have an active personality and like to take risks. You are also emotionally stable. It's just that you like to dramatize an event that you are currently experiencing or people usually call it the "drama queen".

Acidic Food

For connoisseurs of sour foods, you are said to have a personality that is easily anxious, stressed and careless. You also tend to be ignorant or don't care about those around you. You only live what you think is right, even though you often get opposition from the people around you.

Savory Food

Those who like savory foods seem to have serious and smart personalities. You are known as a person who likes to pay attention to your surroundings, is critical in addressing an issue and is thorough. However, people with this personality are quite difficult to make jokes with. Anyway, no loose change club!

Those are the six favorite foods that can reveal a person's personality. Of the six foods above, which one is your favorite?

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