Interesting Facts about The Silent Sea Drama, Starring Gong Yoo, Successfully Makes the Viewers Clap in Amazement


Who already misses Gong Yoo? This handsome actor finally reappeared in the drama series as the main character, after approximately 5 years. Different from previous projects, this time Gong Yoo will take the audience on a "vacation" to outer space, to be precise along the surface of the moon!

The Silent Sea, is Gong Yoo's latest project, as well as being the latest Netflix original series. Besides Gong Yoo, the series, which was officially released on December 2021, also stars Be Do Na, Lee Joon, Kim Sun Young, Lee Mu Saeng, and many more.

The Silent Sea tells the story of the adventures of an elite team sent to the Balhae Moon Research Station to study how humans can survive. But their plans change after facing various mysterious things that cause death.

In addition to the story that makes the audience curious, The Silent Sea becomes even more interesting because it is produced in earnest using various advanced technologies that allow viewers to see the real situation on the moon. Before watching the drama, let's take a peek first, the following interesting facts about The Silent Sea!

1. Adaptation of a Short Film

Not from a webtoon series or novels, The Silent Sea is adapted from a short film that was previously a project by director Choi Hang Yong, entitled The Sea of ​​Tranquility. This short film was quite successful and got great attention at the 13th Mise-en-Scene Short Film Festival, in 2014.

This success prompted Choi Hang Yong to want to rework this film into a series, so he hired writer Park Eun Kyo to deepen the script.

2. The First Korean Series With a Moon Setting

Unlike other Korean films or dramas that take the theme of outer space, The Silent Sea is the first Korean drama to take place on the surface of the moon. According to Choi Hang Yong, the setting where The Silent Sea is to be more specific, and presents various kinds of events on the moon that may not have been known to many people. Even so that the details of the moon's surface look more real, the production staff of The Silent Sea are willing to study data and lunar images from NASA.

3. Manufactured with VFX Technology

With the theme of outer space and the background of the surface of the moon, The Silent Sea is also the first Korean drama to be produced using the latest virtual and VFX technology so that the resulting image looks more realistic on the screen.

Through this technology, players can also witness the visuals that will be displayed on the screen, thus giving a different sensation if they only use a green screen.

4. Wearing a Real Astronaut Costume

In order to make it more total, all the actors and actresses in The Silent Sea had to use real astronaut costumes. Even the costume weighs 8.5 kg, you know!

In order to get used to and comfortable wearing astronaut costumes, the players must undergo training before the shooting process begins, to deal with low gravity. In addition, they also learn how to walk in space to look more like real astronauts.

5. Gong Yoo Willing To Get Tattoos For His Role

So far, Gong Yoo is known as an actor who often plays romantic ideal male characters, with a "clean" image. This time through The Silent Sea, Gong Yoo tries to let go of that image and makes himself look tougher according to the character he plays.

Gong Yoo is even willing to do various things for the sake of this soldier character, by making his skin look more tan and getting a tattoo on his neck.

Well, for those of you who haven't watched The Silent Sea, you can watch it on the Netflix platform, right!

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