Implementing Limits Is Important! Come on, get acquainted with Personal Boundaries to Take Care of Mental Health!

 The discussion of mental health is always an interesting topic to discuss. Campaigns around mental health are increasingly being encouraged. People are becoming more and more aware of the mental health conditions of themselves and others.

But not infrequently, many people are too busy to seek and pay attention to the mental health of others than themselves. So what happens is, they prioritize the mental health conditions of others. In fact, they end up having to endure the pain and pressure of giving in too often because they care more about the mental state of others than their own. Have you ever experienced it?

This often happens because we cannot apply self-limitations. Self boundaries or also known as personal boundaries are important to have. The reason is, so that we can set limits to what extent to be involved in the lives of others and to what extent other people can behave towards us. Come on, get to know personal boundaries further!

What are Personal Boundaries?

Personal boundaries are boundaries or distances that a person has and created to protect himself from others. Establishing personal boundaries is very important because we can create boundaries to the extent to which someone can enter into life. We can also limit the extent to which we can tolerate someone's behavior.

For people pleasure, happiness and the interests of others are more important than happiness and self-interest. Often it ends up being a burden when we are unable to refuse other people's requests. Until finally, it can affect our mental health.

Feelings of pressure are constantly felt as a result of being forced to accept other people's requests even though you don't want to. This pressure condition can ultimately affect our mental health conditions. Starting from stress to eventually impact on more serious mental health conditions such as anxiety disorders to depression.

The lives and happiness of others are not our responsibility. Indeed we also need to create a pleasant environment for others. But that doesn't mean we are responsible for their lives and mental health conditions, right!

We can only do what we can to create a comfortable environment around us. But that does not mean that the responsibility is imposed on us so that we end up being too focused on being responsible for the mental conditions of others rather than ourselves. For this reason, it is important for us to make these limits ourselves.

Don't be afraid to say no

Always agreeing to other people's requests is one of the "gateways" for other people to be able to behave arbitrarily towards us. Especially when we meet people who are manipulative. Wow, we might just be used, here!

Dare to say no is an achievement for people who find it difficult to refuse something, especially to loved ones. Sometimes we often feel reluctant to express opinions that contradict ourselves.

Not infrequently, because we find it difficult to refuse or say no, people become arbitrary towards us. Not to mention if we accept other people's requests by force. Wow, so tiring!

Your Own Happiness is Number One!

What can be under our control is our response to the behavior of others. We cannot force other people to change their attitude. For that we are able to determine our limits on the behavior of others. Not always complying with the wishes of others is a good thing. Maybe we are being mean to ourselves. Remember, your own happiness is number one!

Make yourself a priority, leave everything that is detrimental to yourself and your happiness. When we refuse, they may be disappointed, but we will feel more relieved and happy.

But don't make our happiness an excuse to do whatever we want with other people, okay? We have already felt the pain because other people have abused us, so don't let us do the same to others. Spirit!

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