Healing from Infidelity Wounds, Be Strong Again Like Kinan 'Layangan Putus' Using These 5 Psychological Tips


No one wants to be cheated on, including the character Kinan in the series Layangan Putus. Unfortunately, in real life, many couples break up because of infidelity. When it happened, the world could collapse.

Hurry up and be strong. You have to move on with life because there are still many hopes and dreams that have not been achieved. Try to follow these five psychological tips quoted from Nicole McCance so that you can heal quickly.

Forgive Ex's Behavior

You may be able to hate your ex for a long time when you catch him cheating on you. However, remember that hatred can hurt you. Immediately try to make peace with the situation and forgive his behavior.

You don't have to go back into his arms again. Just forgive his behavior and immediately move on with life with enthusiasm.

Don't be shy to talk to a psychologist

Do not underestimate the problem of infidelity in a relationship. Leaving it can even cause traumatic wounds that never go away. Just talk to a psychologist to help you quickly recover from the wound. You can also really confide in your closest friends so that the burden on your mind is lessened.

Don't Meet Your Ex Again

After you catch your partner cheating, take quick steps to ask them to separate. In the status of an ex, you and he should not meet again.

Avoid the environment where you are, so you are no longer reminded of his annoying figure. Continue to live by getting used to his absence around you.

Admit If You're Weak

Denying that you are strong with existing problems will make you weaker. It's better to just admit it when you're tired of all the problems that exist. Acknowledging your weaknesses can make you come to terms with your condition more quickly.

Be Grateful for the Problems

The coming of trouble is a test to see whether one can be grateful or not. Even though infidelity can make you hurt, there is actually a lesson behind it all. Be grateful that you can find out the true nature of your partner sooner rather than dragging on.

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