Having a lean and youthful body in your 40s is not an illusion, as long as these 6 eating habits you should avoid!


The problem that is often encountered when someone turns 40 is that they begin to feel that their weight is more difficult to lose than at a younger age. In fact, they also want to have a slim body with an ideal body weight to look young.

As we age, the body's metabolic processes slow down. As a result, the possibility of weight gain will be much greater. Well, one of the tips to lose weight at the age of 40 is to adjust your diet and pay attention to the intake of calories.

But unfortunately, without realizing the eating habits below can cause your stomach to bulge, you know! What are those?

1. Late Night Eats

Research shows that eating heavily or snacking a lot after 8 o'clock can make you gain weight faster. Biologically, at that hour the process of burning calories begins to slow down.

As a result, the food you eat will be stored as fat in the body. Moreover, if this habit is routinely carried out at the age of 40 and over, basically the body begins to lack the ability to digest food.

So, eat less carbohydrates at night and more in the morning and afternoon when your metabolism is working better.

2. Snacking arbitrarily

Fried foods, fast food, pastries, chips or sweet drinks are often used as practical everyday snacks. But the problem is, this habit of indiscriminate snacking is what keeps you from dreaming of having a slim body.

Instead of eating a little but hungry, you better replace it with high-fiber and low-calorie foods that can keep you full longer. Vegetable salads, smoothies, cut fruit, mixed nuts, yogurt, and nuts are no less delicious than fried foods!

3. Hobby of Consumption of Processed Flour and Sugar

Processed foods are usually higher in calories and contain a number of ingredients that are not only detrimental to your waistline, but your overall health as well. In addition, frequent consumption of foods that contain saturated fat, trans fat, sugar, and flour can greatly contribute to the increase in belly fat.

4. Eating Irregularly

The human body has a special biological clock that works automatically. Therefore, for someone who is still young, it is actually very important not to neglect a regular diet.

Because if this habit continues until the age of 40 years, it is at risk of increasing weight as well as lifestyle diseases. Whereas irregular eating that confuses the body will trigger unwanted fluctuations in blood sugar, even disrupt hormones.

5. Yo-yo Diet Habits

In order to look slimmer and younger, many people when they are 40 years old try to go on a strict diet, even though it doesn't last long. Instead of getting slim, trying to lose weight fast usually ends in failure, encourages the urge to overeat, and may even lead to weight gain later in life.

The point is, if you want to go on a diet then do it correctly and consistently, yes!

6. Regularly Drink Alcohol

Doctors and health experts have warned of the bad effects of alcohol on health. In addition to increasing the risk of chronic disease, it turns out that drinking alcohol is also not good for a person's weight at the age of 40 because it causes a distended stomach.

Well, in addition to avoiding the six points above, reducing fat in adults will be more effective if you combine strength training with a low-calorie diet. One more thing, manage stress well so that the body is not motivated to increase appetite and store fat in the abdominal area.

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