Have a Resign Plan, These 4 Things Need To Be Considered First!


Resigning from work is one of the decisions taken by employees for various reasons. Starting from the opportunity to improve a better career path in another company, offer a better salary, to personal reasons that may be negative to interfere with the comfort of employees when working.

The decision to resign should not be underestimated because it affects our financial condition later. Here are 4 things to consider if you want to resign, as reported by Forbes:

1. Do You Have Enough Savings To Cover Your Expenses?

Susan Hirshman, a financial planner and author of 'Does This Make My Assets Look Fat?' share his opinion with people who decide to resign from work. They must ensure that their savings are sufficient for 9-12 months of expenses as long as there is no steady income from work.

He advises each of you to record fixed expenses such as living expenses including transportation and food, credit cards, or other loan payments. You also definitely need to allocate savings for emergency costs for unexpected events, such as hospital fees, car or house repairs.

2. Are You Ready to Waive Health Insurance or Pension Benefits from the Company?

Employees who decide to resign from work will lose benefits such as health insurance or pensions. The benefits provided are usually different depending on the policies of each company. You should think about whether giving up this benefit will affect your future.

However, if you have insurance outside the company, then you will still have difficulty contributing the morning payment because you have lost a steady income.

3. Have You Discussed and Received Support from Family or Friends?

The decision to resign from work will also affect your family. It is important for you to discuss the decision to resign with your family first.

Ask yourself, especially for those who are married, whether your spouse and children will be affected because you have financial obstacles after resigning.

An executive coach named Agry stated that people have problems when they decide to resign due to lack of preparation and planning. Agry also suggested that those of you who have plans to resign should look for the right support system in the form of friends and family to discuss and receive input.

4. When is the Right Time to Resign?

The next thing to consider before resigning from a job is to determine the right time. Ask yourself: Is now the right time, or should the decision to resign be postponed?

If you are responsible for managing a job that is difficult to leave or transfer to other colleagues, then you should postpone the decision to resign. In this case, you have to consider your co-workers and their ability to manage the work that you will later transfer.

In addition to considering the burden of your co-workers, you should also consider the payment of benefits before resigning. If your company does provide benefits in the form of year-end or quarterly bonuses, then think again when is the right time to resign in order to maximize your income.

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