Have Many Resolutions in 2022? Do these 7 things to make it happen quickly!


Have you prepared a list of resolutions this year? Maybe you still have a lot of pent-up desires that can't be fulfilled. Plus the burden of new dreams, may make you doubt your ability to make them come true.

But, nothing is impossible as long as everything is done with good preparation. For that, before going any further, you need to apply these seven things so that resolutions can be realized faster. Listen, come on!

Make Sure Motivation Aligns With Personal Desires

Often, a person's motivation to achieve something is not based on his own will, but because of demands or just to get the recognition of others. In fact, motivation that is not based on personal desires will make your steps feel heavy, you know. In the end, the path you take will even feel difficult and burdensome.

For that, make sure your motivation to realize your dreams is in line with your personal desires. This will make you enjoy the process more so that the challenges you face don't cause stress.

Set SMART Method in Goal

Have you ever heard the term SMART goals? Although commonly used in business strategy, you can apply this method for personal resolutions as well.

SMART stands for specific, measurable or measurable, achievable or achievable, relevant, and time bound or timely. The essence of the SMART goals concept is to make sure the goals you make remain realistic by considering existing resources and measuring progress. This will help you make effective decisions so that your goals are reached on time.

Set a Healthy Schedule

A healthy schedule is a schedule that divides time in a balanced way between work, rest, exercise and entertain yourself as a self-reward. If you put all your energy into working with minimal rest hours, you will end up feeling tired and stressed.

If your health declines, you will become unproductive and resolutions will not be reached. Wow, don't let your hard work hinder your progress, okay?

Stay Aware of the Present and Avoid Overthinking

The phenomenon of overthinking seems to have become a natural thing for those who are chasing their dreams. But remember, when you overthink something, none of your burdens turn out to be light.

Instead of wasting time lamenting yourself, stay focused on the present. Go back to your schedule and do what you can while time is running out. Slowly but surely, you will see the results of your hard work.

Create a Backup Plan

Since there are many paths to success, don't stick to just one plan to achieve your goals. The unpredictable dynamics of life make your plans always have the possibility to fail.

Therefore, it is very important to have a backup plan. With an alternative plan, you will not lose your way when one of your plans fails and can still carry out the next plan.


Once you have a good plan in place, do your job with confidence. Because, true self-confidence is a form of readiness to welcome success.

Without good self-confidence, you will always be afraid to take a step. Totality will make you dare to make big decisions, while hesitation will only prevent you from reaching your goals.

Willing to Accept Criticism

One of the things that accelerates one's self-development is the willingness to accept criticism. If you want your resolution to come true quickly, don't ever get defensive when you're given advice!

Put your ego aside for a moment, and first listen to the opinions of those who care. After listening, you can evaluate which suggestions are useful and ignore criticisms that do not match your values.

Those are the seven things you must prepare in order to realize your resolutions in 2022. Preparation balanced with consistent productivity will accelerate your steps towards achieving your goals.

Keep on chasing your dreams!

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