Hate Change, These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Not Ready For The New Year


The year 2022 is in sight. The moment of the turn of the year is certainly not just a time to have fun, but we must also be prepared for the changes that will occur.

For some people, a change that occurs in the new year is normal. On the other hand, people with certain zodiac signs hate change. They feel unprepared if they have to face something different.

To find out more about the character of people who are not ready for the new year, we will present four change-hating zodiac signs compiled from Pink Villa. Listen, come on!

1. Taurus

Taurus is at least ready to face major changes in his life. When they encounter changes, they will panic and act like people who have lost their way in life. However, they choose not to tell others that they are not ready for change.

Accustomed to a laid-back lifestyle is the reason Taurus easily panics when they encounter changes in their lives. They need a long time to get used to the changes they are going through.

2. Leo

As the leader of the zodiac, Leo likes to be in control of a group. Unfortunately, they are not experts at handling change. they often feel surprised when there is a sudden change.

Leo is less flexible with changes. They are very difficult to abandon the plans that have been prepared. Quoted from Your Tango, they are less able to adapt even though the changes that occur are more profitable than the plan.

3. Libra

Libras don't like any kind of change. The main reason is because change requires them to get out of their comfort zone. For them, getting out of their comfort zone is not an easy thing to do.

Apart from these reasons, Libra is also always thinking about the negative effects of a change. Quoted from Your Tango, they have the belief that a change does not always change something for the better.

4. Aquarius

Aquarius people generally have an open mind. Even so, apparently they are not easy to accept change for granted. They tend to like changes that benefit themselves.

If Aquarius faces a change that makes them feel cornered, they don't hesitate to rebel. They hated that kind of situation.

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