Hard to Focus? Check out 4 Psychological Tips for Maximum Completion of Work in 2022


Even though work is piling up and the deadline is getting closer, of course we still have to complete the work with maximum results. However, not infrequently we experience difficulties when we are working on something. Usually this is because we are not focused.

If it is difficult to focus, then the information received will be difficult to absorb. As a result, work is always delayed or not infrequently what is done is not according to instructions. In order to stay focused, the following tricks can be tried so that the work is in line with expectations. Collected from Health Line, let's discuss one by one!

Avoiding Interference from Outside

Distracted attention is one of the characteristics of people who find it difficult to focus. If it is allowed to continue, the work will take longer to complete. To stay focused on what you are currently working on, the trick is to reduce distractions that could potentially keep you from working.

Try not to open unneeded applications on your computer screen, ask people around you not to interact for a while while at work, or if possible move to a quieter place. If you are in a position that is in a crowded environment, you can divert sounds from outside by using earphones.

Enough sleep

Lack of sleep can affect short-term and long-term memory related to your ability to concentrate. When your sleep pattern is messy and you don't get enough sleep, it's not uncommon for you to have trouble focusing. Not only that, lack of sleep also makes the body feel tired faster.

To improve sleep patterns, you can try fixing bad habits before bed. For example, consuming caffeinated drinks, staring at a computer screen or cellphone constantly, and thinking about many things before going to bed. Make your room in a comfortable condition so you will fall asleep faster.

Making Targets with the SMART Method

When faced with a job, there must be a goal to be achieved. When you are overburdened with work, you will feel overwhelmed before you start. To achieve a goal, try to strategize from small steps.

The SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) method is often used to stay focused on a job. You can make a strategy by compiling what must be done, what are the indicators to ensure the work is in accordance with the flow, predict the success of the work, pay attention to the overall plan, and work deadlines.

4. Create a To-Do List

Making a list of daily activities will be very helpful to know which work is a priority. Everyone has their own way of making a to-do list, it can be written by hand in a daily journal, typed in cellphone notes, or arranged in Google Calendar. You can adjust which method is most effective for you.

Having a to-do list will minimize missed work, besides that this method can help to see how far the process that has been done is in accordance with the goals to be achieved. For those of you who find it difficult to focus, this method is quite simple to do but requires consistency.

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