Guessing the Personality of 5 Masks That Are Often Used Everyday, Some Want To Be The Center Of Attention!


Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, the government has issued an obligation to wear masks to prevent the transmission of the disease. Since then, many masks have been sold with various choices of materials, motifs, and colors that can be adjusted to the needs and desires of each.

Reporting from DKoding, this preferred and often used mask motif can actually reveal human personality, you know. Hmm… what does it look like, huh, human personality when viewed from the motif of his favorite mask? Instead of being curious, let's just read the full review below.

Animal Pattern

If you like wearing animal-patterned masks, it means that you are ambitious, outspoken, and very confident. Usually, people who prefer to wear masks with animal motifs are extroverted because they are very open, dominant, and like to be the center of attention. By using animal-patterned masks, they can look different and that means all attention will be on them.


Fans of floral masks have a feminine, romantic, thoughtful, and artistic personality. In addition, fans of this motif mask also have good optimism so that although they are often disappointed by the people around them, they will not drag on in sadness and disappointment. Life must go on is their life motto.

Geometric Mask Pattern

Geometric-patterned masks do look unique, creative, and attractive coupled with attractive colors that are increasingly making people like them. Are you one of them?

Someone who likes to wear geometric mask motifs is passionate, unruly, and expressive. They prefer to do things without a plan alias spontaneous.

polka dots

Not just a sweetener, polka dots have meaning, you know. This polka dot patterned mask shows the human personality that is fun, cheerful, and easy to get along with anyone. They are also very friendly. So, it's not surprising that many people are happy with the presence of fans of this polka dot patterned mask.


In addition to polka dots, there are also plaid masks. People who like to use this patterned mask are someone who always thinks about the future and is not afraid of change. They are also seen as intelligent inspirational figures because of their interest in history and science. However, they are not arrogant and haughty people.

Well, that's some human personality seen from the mask motif. If you are, what is your favorite mask motif?

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