GOT The Beat, SM Entertainment's Newest Sub Unit That Successfully Rocked the SMTOWN 2022 Concert Stage


On Saturday (1/1) 2022, SM Entertainment again held the SMTOWN 2022 concert, titled SMCU Express @ Kwangya as a form of celebration of the new year. The concert, which was broadcast through several online streaming platforms for free, was certainly enthusiastically welcomed by K-Pop music lovers, and was successfully watched by more than 50 million users.

From Kangta to aespa, participate in this concert. Not only that, SM Entertainment also prepared a stage for the collaboration of its artists, which succeeded in being a special surprise.

One week before the new year, on Saturday (12/26) 2021, SM surprised fans by releasing photos and social media of their newest sub-unit. This time, SM has re-formed a "super group" called Girls On Top, which is touted as the female version of SuperM, you know!

The Girls On Top project will later have several more units with different concepts in each unit. GOT The Beat became the first unit to be launched, containing "super" women.

How not, because this group consists of a combination of SM Entertainment's female K-Pop idols, namely BoA, Taeyeon & Hyoyeon (SNSD), Wendy & Seulgi (Red Velvet), and Karina & Winter (aespa).

The news of course immediately became viral and trending success everywhere. Many are highly anticipating and can't wait to see GOT The Beat's performance. And fortunately, fans didn't have to wait long, because GOT The Beat premiered at the SMTOWN 2022 concert.

Performing a song titled Step Back, the members of GOT The Beat consisting of idols from generation 1 to 4 appear "fierce" with the concept of girl crush. 'Step Back' itself has a Hi-Hop and R&B genre accompanied by strong bass and instruments. Not only that, the vocals and dance skills of the members of GOT The Beat also successfully perfected this song.

Appearing with the typical concept of 4th generation idols, of course, is a challenge for most members of GOT The Beat. Especially for Taeyeon and Hyoyeon, this concept is very different from the characteristics of their group, SNSD, so their performance is highly anticipated by the audience.

In addition, the song Step Back has also been released on various music platforms, since last Monday (3/1) 2022. Don't forget to stream, ok?

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