Get to know the 'Blue Zones' Diet Tips, Really Make You Slim and Live Long?

 Diet is one of the things that many women do to maintain body shape. Along with its development, various forms, methods, and diet tips are now emerging in the community. Ranging from simple diets to extreme diets.

A healthy lifestyle that is applied when doing a diet is the most important thing. In addition to maintaining body shape, diet is also carried out to maintain health.

So do you believe that diet can also prolong life?

Getting to Know the "Blue Zones" Community Diet

Blue Zones is a term given to a number of Italian, American, and Japanese people who live longer than the average person. The lifestyle of the Blue Zones community was later studied in a number of health studies and is believed to be the key to their longevity.

The lifestyle of the Blue Zones community is now widely used as a diet pattern which is then known as the Blue Zones diet. This diet is believed to improve body health and make you live long.

Curious to try the Blue Zones diet? Here are the habits of the Blue Zones community that you need to apply.

1. Consuming Plant-Based Food

Not just vegetables, basically Blue Zones people eat everything categorized as plants such as nuts, fruits, wheat to pasta. Nearly 95% of the food consumed by the Blue Zones is plant-based.

2. Eating habits are not too full

The Blue Zones have a habit of eating, which is not eating too full. The habit of eating until you feel 80% full is believed to be able to understand your hunger rada and will be easier to manage. So that this habit can help when doing a diet program while making the body healthier.

3. Prefer to Cook and Eat at Home

The Blue Zones also have a unique habit of preferring to cook and eat at home with family or friends. This habit of course can not only maintain health, but also can help us to save money and improve their cooking skills.

Besides being able to effectively lose weight, the Blue Zones diet in fact also provides many good benefits for the body. One of them is avoiding diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol and liver failure.

The Blue Zones diet is also believed to make people live long and in good health. This is because this diet not only regulates eating patterns, but also applies a healthy regular lifestyle.

Those are some facts from the Blue Zones community-style diet that is believed to prolong life. Interested in trying it?

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