Get acquainted with the 5 coldest countries in the world, the temperature reaches -40 degrees Celsius!


Have you ever imagined living in the coldest country in the world? Well, in a country that has the title of the coldest country in the world, it certainly has unusual weather. People living in the country are ready to face changes such as diet, clothing, and lifestyle.

Familiar with cold air and thick snow, of course living in a country that has extreme temperatures is not easy. But on the other hand, the charm of these countries should not be missed. Here's a list of the coldest countries in the world, are you interested in visiting one of them?


Ranked first as the coldest country in the world, winters in Latvia are relatively cold and snow very often. The lowest temperature recorded in Latvia was -43 degrees celsius. It is known that January and February are the coldest months in the country.

During winter, Latvians wear layers of clothing to resist the cold, such as fur jackets, scarves, gloves, hats, and socks. Most of these warm clothes will only be removed when in a heated room.


Denmark is one of the next coldest countries. However, compared to other countries, Denmark's weather is warmer. Denmark shares the same latitude as Siberia in Russia or Hudson Bay in Canada.

According to the Danish Meteorological Institute, the lowest temperature ever recorded in Denmark was -31.2 degrees Celsius (January 1982), making it one of the coldest countries in the world. Winter attractions are the reason why tourists go to Denmark in winter, such as visiting the Danish Winter Jazz Festival, ice skating, and taking a ski day trip!


It's not very snowy, but the temperatures are recorded to be cold, making Sweden one of the coldest countries in the world. Average winter temperatures vary widely between different regions. However the average temperature is around 0 degrees celsius in January and February in the far south and around -1.5 degrees celsius in Stockholm.

Meanwhile, in the north-central part the temperature is around -10 degrees celsius and -15 degrees celsius in the far north. As a result, the duration of winter also varies depending on the region.

The activity that attracts Sweden in winter is the colorful lights in the sky when it's dark, aka the aurora. The aurora can be seen between early September and late March in northern Sweden. This unique natural light show is definitely an experience you will never forget!


Belarus is a country located in Eastern Europe and is one of the coldest countries in the world. When the Siberian Anticyclone reached this country, the temperature dropped from -30 degrees celsius to -40 degrees celsius. This period is said to be the coldest period. Apart from that, Belarus also faces extreme snowfall in winter which occurs from December to March.

Even so, winter destinations are very attractive in Belarus. If you want to visit, don't miss out on interesting activities such as spas, ice skating, and fishing in frozen rivers.


Norway's borders touch so many of the world's most popular countries, such as Sweden, Russia and Finland. Most people usually visit Norway in the winter months. The lowest temperature recorded in Norway was -51.4 celsius in 1886.

There's a lot to do while visiting Norway in winter, from skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, aurora hunting, and much more. Average temperatures can range from just below zero to around -6 degrees celsius, and this really depends on the area of ​​Norway you're visiting. So make sure to check the weather forecast before the trip and wear winter clothes, OK!

Despite the unusual cold and the people who have to adapt if at any time very cold weather comes, there are many things that can be done if you visit these countries for an unforgettable experience. Interested?

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