From Unable to Be Alone to Narcissistic, These 5 Famous Zodiacs Are Often Seduced By Land Crocodile Gossips


You must have often heard the saying that love is blind, right? So blind, when you fall in love, you can never see the bad side of your partner. Even when people around have warned you.

The above phenomenon is commonly referred to as bucin. This makes the sufferer vulnerable to being lulled by the seduction of their partner so that they ignore the red flags that are clearly shown by their partner.

Based on the characteristics, it seems that there are several zodiac signs who are often victims of the rags of these land crocodiles. Reporting from Your Tango, here's the list.


Aries are known for their competitive side. No wonder they want to always choose a partner who "exteriorly" looks the most prominent among the pairs owned by their friends to hang out. Choosing a partner based on physical appearance alone is what makes Aries often turn a blind eye to another, more important aspect, namely a good personality.


Geminis are known to like to socialize with those around them. They also love to be the center of attention. This high desire for attention often makes it easy for Gemini to be captivated by anyone who can shower him with rabid flirtations under the guise of affection.


Sensitive and emotional Cancer treats those closest to them very well. Unfortunately, their kindness is often taken advantage of by those around them. What's even more regrettable, Cancer, who is also known to be loyal, tends to just give up even though he has realized that he is being used.


Libra is a sign that cannot live without a partner. This is due to the nature of those who hate loneliness and solitude. Libra is known as the zodiac sign that likes to be surrounded by people.

Even when you are in love and in a relationship, you will always convince yourself that your partner is the right person. This unfounded belief that they hold even makes them accept gracefully the various treatments given by their partners.


As you know, Sagittarius is a sign that likes freedom. Likewise in the case of love affairs. They will look for a partner who does not require them to always be there or spend time alone with their partner.

However, when two people involved in a relationship are both too preoccupied with themselves, then the relationship will inevitably fall apart. It's not impossible, the couple they let spend time alone is not really alone.

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