From Teachers to Journalists, These 7 Jobs Are Suitable For You Who Are Good at Multitasking!


Multitasking is a skill that is not easy to do. In addition to requiring good focus, a high level of accuracy is also required. Although difficult to do, in fact there are many professions that require multitasking ability to perform multiple tasks at once.

Here are 7 jobs that are suitable for those of you who are good at multitasking. See what's going on, come on!

Kindergarten Teachers and Elementary School Teachers

Are you good at multitasking and want to serve in the world of education? Kindergarten teacher or elementary school teacher is the right profession for you!

Judging from their obligation to provide knowledge, a kindergarten teacher and elementary school teacher must master almost all subjects. In just one day, they teach at least three different subjects.

In addition, they also have to evaluate student learning outcomes one by one each semester. Not to mention the moral obligation to direct and educate the character of children at their growing age. To produce outstanding students and have good character, it takes a teacher who is also a true multitasker.


Are you the type of person who is on standby 24 hours a day, likes challenges and spontaneous tasks? So you can make the journalist profession an option. A journalist must be ready to work under pressure every day. Because journalists never know what will happen in the future and with whom they will have to deal.

You must also have extensive knowledge in all fields. This is because journalists will not read scripts when covering or conducting interviews. In addition, the very tight and competitive world of journalism makes you have to be nimble, agile but still careful and critical in creating and promoting news.

Customer Service

If you imagine customer service just responding to the phone while sitting quietly in a chair, you are very wrong! When responding to customer complaints, that's when you have to help them solve the problems they are experiencing.

Complaints must be processed through the system while continuously communicating with customers. You must be able to explain the problems that occur to provide the right solution for them. They should also verify the production schedule and shipping costs, taxes, and other details requested or requested.

How? Interested in becoming customer service?


The administration section has a fairly broad work task. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the office, an administrative staff is tasked with taking care of report files, scheduling meetings, responding to emails, to preparing inventory and accommodation when there are out-of-office visits.

Often administrative staff have to perform several tasks at once. If you are a multitasker who is interested in working with files and reports, you can apply for the administration of a company.


Nursing is a profession that requires a person to be responsive and good at multitasking. Just as busy as a doctor, a nurse has to check the patient's condition, record any symptoms that appear, rehabilitate the patient, and administer medication to the patient according to a prescription.

Accuracy is also an ability that must be possessed by a nurse. If the treatment given is not according to the procedure, new problems may arise for the patient.

Event Organizer

An event organizer has a myriad of things to do in his work. It's not as simple as giving an idea, they also have to draw up a detailed plan for the event to be made, direct the team during the event, and oversee the event until the end.

An event organizer must also be able to provide input and solutions according to the client's circumstances and desires. In this profession, you are not only required to be creative, but also must have good communication skills.


Producers on any platform will require you to issue a mainstay multitasking stance. As someone who will present a program, you must be able to manage funding strategies, concept planning, selecting the production and casting team, overseeing the course of filming to being involved in post-production evaluation. With a variety of producer duties, you'll have to engage with multiple people at once to discuss different issues for the sake of smooth production.

A multitasker has many choices of prestigious professions. So, which profession are you interested in trying?

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