From Shy to Loose, These 5 Laughter Styles Can Reveal Someone's Personality

 Laughter is an expression of feelings that are expressed without words. Laughter is usually associated with something funny or happy. Everyone has a different and unique style of laughing. It turns out that from the style of laughter, we can judge people's personalities, you know.

There are those who laugh with just giggling but there are also people whose voices when they laugh will be heard by the whole room. How can we guess other people's character from their laughter? Let's see!

1. Shut Your Mouth

The type of person who laughs by covering his mouth with his hands has a closed character. People with this style of laughing do not like to be the center of attention, but focus their attention on the person they are talking to.

They also have a tendency to think before they act, so they will only show their true nature to those they trust. In a social environment, people like this are difficult to move first to build relationships with other people. However, they do not close themselves to interact with anyone.

2. Clap your hands

People who laugh while clapping their hands have the opposite personality to people who cover their mouths with their hands when laughing. They include people who are very open with other people, whether they have close relationships or new people. Such people have an extroverted personality, so they can gain energy and enthusiasm when in a crowded environment.

3. Putting Hands on Chest

People who put their hands on their chests while laughing are people who really value relationships and the emotions that build relationships. People who have this character are indeed people who are very sensitive to the feelings of others.

No wonder they are often used as a place to vent by the people around them. They have high empathy for what happens to other people, although sometimes they often forget to put their own feelings first.

4. Giggle

Giggling shows a person with a shy character. They don't want to appear rude when they behave. In addition, people who laugh and giggle are the type of people who are supportive of what people around them do.

For example, they will immediately laugh when someone else makes a joke, because they want that person to feel appreciated. Usually people like this will be liked in the circle of friends because they are people who also always think positively and don't like gossiping about other people.

5. Laugh out loud

Laughing out loud is a laughing style from people who are known to be fun. They are able to transmit laughter so that other people laugh too. People like this are known to easily get along with anyone and quickly adapt to new environments.

People who laugh out loud are usually easy to build relationships with, but don't focus on the quality of the relationship. They are sometimes considered as people who are not serious in living a love relationship, but become someone who makes the atmosphere more lively in friendship.

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