Fengshui Guide So that the Swimming Pool Gives Good Luck, Make Sure It's Round!

 Do you have a dream of building a swimming pool in your backyard? Don't forget to pay attention to the size and selection of the swimming pool material that will be used. Make sure the size of the swimming pool is according to your height, so that it is safe when used.

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So, so that the swimming pool gives you good luck, try to apply some of the following feng shui tips. Launching from the Red Lotus Letter, here are some things you can apply.

House Area

Fengshui pays great attention to balance, including in setting the size of the swimming pool. According to feng shui, a good swimming pool should not be wider than the house. However, it also shouldn't be too small. With a balanced size, it is easier for the god of balance to enter the house.

Location of Swimming Pool

If possible, the location of the swimming pool should be next to the backyard. In this way, the water element will also be close to the plant element so that it strengthens luck. Also make sure to clean the backyard area so that it doesn't have a negative impact on the swimming pool.

Enter Natural Elements

The water element will strengthen when it meets other natural elements. Therefore, so that luck comes to you, make sure you include other natural elements such as plants, earth, to fire. For example, by placing a wooden chair on the edge of the pool, or placing a stone statue at the end of the pool.

Sustenance immigrants round pool

The pool of sustenance entrants is usually round or oval in shape. The reason, according to the science of feng shui round shape does not have an edge like a square. In feng shui itself, the tip of a square can deflect an unlucky arrow.

Pay attention to the direction of the wind

According to feng shui, there are several cardinal directions for lucky arrivals, including east, southwest, southeast and north. Avoid using the swimming pool location in the south as it is the origin of the unlucky comer's fire energy.

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