Don't Like Math? About... These 5 College Courses Will Keep You Away from Rows of Numbers and Counts!


Mathematics is a subject that many students avoid, both from elementary to high school. This is because, math lessons are quite complicated, and you have to memorize formulas and apply them to the available questions. The higher the level, the more formulas to memorize and learn.

If you are currently in high school or vocational school and do not want to meet mathematics in college, you can choose several college majors that have nothing to do with mathematics. Here are 5 college majors that don't have math in their lectures. Check this out!

1. Communication Science

The first major that can be your choice when you are going to continue your college education is Communication Studies. The Department of Communication Studies studies how the process of delivering messages effectively gets to the target. When you take this major, you will gain knowledge about public speaking, journalism, marketing communication, photography, design, public relations, and others.

In this department, you will often encounter language and will not encounter arithmetic or math lessons. You will not only learn about the science of communication, but you will also learn about the art of communication. So, goodbye to math.

2. Legal Studies

The next major that does not have mathematics is Law. However, this department requires a deep and unmitigated understanding of concepts and theories. In the Department of Law, you will study various legal systems and legislation at various scales, ranging from civil law, criminal law, commercial law, and others.

You will also often encounter articles and legislation. So, you will not meet counting, but you must like to memorize or remember if you choose this major. The prospect of this major is also no less good than other majors, you know, you can get the opportunity to work in legal institutions, such as prosecutors, district courts, high courts, and others.

3. International Relations

The Department of International Relations is a major that is in great demand both at home and abroad. As the name implies, this department studies how countries build efforts to interact globally. This major deals with matters such as diplomacy, foreign policy, security and strategy, international institutions, political-economic, socio-cultural, and others in an international scope.

If you have the skills to master foreign languages ​​and are good at communicating, you are very suitable, you know, choosing this major. And of course you won't find math!

4. Literature, Language and Culture

Well, another option if you don't want to meet mathematics, you can choose several literature majors, such as Malay Literature, English Literature, Japanese Literature, German Literature, and others. Eits, not only that, of course, you will also learn about the culture, you know. That's great, right?

Graduates of this major also have good job prospects, you know, such as editors, copywriters, translators, scriptwriters, and many other promising job prospects!

5. Design and Animation

In the era of increasingly developing technology, majoring in Design or Animation could be your choice, you know! Don't worry, you won't find math either. This course is perfect for those of you who are creative and interested in design and animation. You don't just make pictures, you will also learn how to make them in the right media to convey messages effectively.

The career opportunities for Design or Animation graduates are huge. You can work in the media, creative, advertising and other industries.

Those are 5 college majors that you can choose, if you don't like math. For this reason, choose a major wisely and according to your heart's desire. I hope you don't choose the wrong one!

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