Don't be ignored, these are 6 tips for overcoming a manipulative partner!


One person's manipulative attitude can make others depressed and invite emotions. Especially in a relationship, this is quite detrimental to you.

Usually this trait is characterized by a habit of distorting facts, trying to defend themselves, cornering, and feeling himself the most hurt. So how do you deal with a manipulative partner? Check out the full tips below!

1. Don't Overflow Emotions

The first way to deal with manipulative people is to refrain from venting emotions excessively. His manipulative nature will be very cornering as if you were in the wrong and you tend to get angry. However, it certainly doesn't make sense and won't make a difference if you get too emotional. This situation will only make the situation hotter.

2. Give Limits

If you already know that your partner dominates your every step and decision, then start to set boundaries. Try to think about the options you want and what is good for you. Set clear boundaries to protect your right to make decisions about your voice and your relationship.

3. Don't be afraid to refuse

The way to deal with your next boyfriend is to be firm and don't be afraid to say no. Some things in general your partner tends to force you to do something from time to time. Therefore, you must be firm when facing this condition. Don't hesitate to refuse anything you don't want!

4. Listen to the Voice of the Heart

It is very important that you listen to your inner voice. If you feel uncomfortable with your partner's behavior such as possessive, aggressive and so on. Start to really think about and assess whether this relationship is right for you.

5. Always Be True to Yourself

Always try to be honest with yourself about everything. Don't force yourself to accept things that are hard to accept. You must also have a desire to have a healthy relationship and make you happy.

6. Don't Force Yourself to Stay in a Relationship

The last way, if everything has been done to deal with your manipulative and failed partner, then end the relationship with your partner. Forcing the situation is not a good thing. You don't have to force yourself to stay in an unhealthy relationship.

Well, that's some ways to deal with a manipulative partner. Of course everyone wants to have a healthy and happy relationship, not stress all the time. If it can't be maintained then it's better to end your relationship immediately. You deserve a better partner who can make you happy. Hope it is useful!

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