Do you often do a diet program but always fail? Check, this could be the 4 causes

 Having an ideal body weight is the dream of many people. To achieve this, there are many ways that must be done, one of which is by undergoing a diet program. However, following a diet consistently is not easy, some people often fail and do not continue the program.

Indeed, when dieting, we need patience, the right steps, and being able to control appetite well. So, what are the causes of the diet that you are currently living to fail? Here are some of them:

Lack of sleep

If you fail to lose weight, try to see how you sleep. Because sleep also helps in maintaining a balance of hormones that make you feel hungry (ghrelin) or full (leptin). Reporting from the Life Hack page, when you don't get enough sleep, ghrelin levels go up and leptin levels go down so that it makes you feel hungrier than when you get enough sleep.

A study shows that for every hour of sleep lost, the chances of becoming obese also increase. In addition, not getting enough sleep also risks disrupting your circadian rhythm so that you experience metabolic disorders that can make weight loss always fail.

Irregular Meal Time

Irregular eating schedules have negative health effects and are also associated with an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and inflammation. So try to have breakfast every day within an hour of waking up, then eat a snack or healthy meal every three to four hours.

That way, the flow of glucose needed can be stable throughout the day to maintain energy and prevent metabolism from slowing down.

Relying on Drinks Claimed to be Dieting

Some people think that reducing sugar and calories will be better for weight loss and so will consume diet drinks, but the long-term effect is just the opposite.

Citing the Eat This Not That page, a Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine study found that the artificial sweeteners present in less sugar soda and other diet foods, such as some low-calorie yogurts, can actually lead to cravings for other sweet foods, such as cakes.

Therefore, healthy and natural foods are still better consumed for weight loss.


If you feel like you're always failing to lose weight, it could be because you're stressed. Stress can also be an obstacle to weight loss, you know, because the food you eat will be converted into fat instead of the energy you need. Stress for a long time can cause an increase in the stress hormone cortisol.

Although needed to regulate blood pressure and fluid balance, cortisol can also make your body store food as belly fat.

Some of these causes unconsciously turned out to make the diet program that you are currently living a failure. In addition to paying attention to calorie intake, lifestyle must also be maintained.

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