Do These 3 Ways To Heal Inner Child, The Childhood Wound That Impacts Today's Life

 Maybe you have often heard the term inner child. The inner child is the side of the child who lives and hides behind a person. It is this side that remembers every memory and emotion that a person has ever experienced as a child, both good and bad.

A person who has not been able to accept and even recognize a wounded inner child can affect that person's life when growing up, such as difficulty in making love or friendships with other people, lack of confidence, and so on. Therefore, it is important to recognize and accept the inner child that is within us.

Only then can we deal with the injured inner child. So, how to deal with an inner child who is injured due to deep childhood trauma? Reporting from Health Line, here are some ways that can be done.

Get to know your Inner Child

In order to overcome the inner child who was injured due to a bitter experience in childhood, you must start by getting to know him first. That way, you can find out what caused your inner child to get hurt.

This process will be a little difficult, even you yourself may not know which memories caused the little child inside of you to hurt. Therefore, it never hurts to ask for help from a psychologist and psychiatrist if you have difficulty dealing with this condition alone.

Hear What Inner Child Has To Say

After recognizing your inner child, the next step is to listen to what the inner child wants to convey. If you really pay attention and feel it, there could be a part of you that has been trying so hard to be understood and understood.

In addition, maybe you can also find answers to feelings, such as being ignored, guilty, ashamed, and other negative emotions that you have been feeling. Because, by listening to what the inner child has to say, you will recall certain events in your childhood that hurt your feelings.

Writing a Letter to Yourself

Maybe you're wondering why write a letter to yourself? Well, even though writing looks trivial, the impact is quite large, you know in the healing process of the injured inner child. Through writing, you can write about childhood memories from your point of view as an adult.

Not only that, this writing activity can also soothe some of the pain left over from childhood. If it's difficult, you can start by asking how you're doing or offering to help. In essence, think of this inner child as a friend who needs your help.

Those are some ways that you can do to deal with a wounded inner child. If it's difficult to do on your own, don't hesitate to ask for help from a psychologist or psychiatrist, yes.

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