Difficulty to Stop Consumption of Sweet Foods while on a Diet? Follow these 4 Tips from the Experts

 When running a diet program to lose weight, reducing the intake of sweet foods is one of the important things that must be considered. But not infrequently for fans of sweet foods, this is difficult to do. They constantly crave sweets, even though they may not be hungry.

Not only bad for the diet, consuming too much sugary food also has a bad impact on health in general. It turns out that in addition to being delicious, eating sweet foods can release endorphins that soothe and relax. This is what causes a person to seem 'addicted' and can't stop consuming it.

If you're having trouble controlling the urge to keep eating sweet foods, let's follow some of the tips below!

Eat Sweet Foods in Small Portions

Something extreme is hard to do. If you immediately stop eating sweet foods altogether, you will only become grumpy and tend to 'revenge' by consuming excessive amounts of sweet foods later.

Instead of forbidding yourself from eating sugary foods altogether, try to reduce it slowly with small portions. Eat sweet foods that you like in small portions. Or if you find it difficult to eat small portions, share these sweet treats with friends or family.

Don't Miss Meals

Either because you are busy or have a wrong understanding of the concept of a diet, you are reluctant or skip meals. As a result, you will starve and your body will need fuel fast. This makes you more likely to eat sugary foods that are easily available.

"When you're too hungry, sugary snacks are a quick solution to a drastic drop in low blood sugar," Kate Scarlata, a dietitian, told Eat This! Not That.

So make sure you continue to eat healthy and balanced meals on a regular basis every day. If the urge to snack arises, choose foods that are high in fiber and protein.

Combine Food

If you still find it very difficult to replace sweet foods with healthy snacks, you can try to combine foods. According to Kerry Neville, a dietitian, you can combine sweet foods with healthy foods.

"I love chocolate. So sometimes I dip a banana in chocolate sauce and it gives me what I crave (sweet food), or I mix some almonds with chocolate," she explains, as quoted from WebMD.

In addition to fulfilling the desire for sweet foods, the body still gets nutrients from these healthy foods.

Adequate and Quality Sleep

There are still many who are not aware, lack of sleep and not quality can affect the desire to eat sweet foods.

"Studies have shown that lack of sleep leads to a stronger craving for sugary foods, such as sweets," Samantha Cassetty, a nutritionist, told Real Simple.

In addition to regulating diet, it is also important to observe sleep patterns. To overcome the desire to eat sweet foods, try to get enough sleep, which is seven to nine hours per night.

Those are some tips to overcome the desire to eat sweet foods while on a diet. Good luck!

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