Difficult to Manage Stress Management at Work? Try These 3 Tricks!


Good stress management skills can also have a good influence on the activities carried out every day. Setting the time alone was not enough. You need to balance the energy physically and mentally.

Quoted from Very Well Mind, there are three psychological tricks that can help manage stress to minimize obstacles. Check below!

Understand Priorities

Priority plays an important role in every activity. From a series of responsibilities, you can prioritize which part to complete first. This way you don't have to worry about missing important things.

Focusing on one job will help you save energy for the next activity. The mind is also not burdened by carrying out various obligations at the same time.

Create Limits

Productivity gives birth to positive traits in oneself to be more active and optimistic. However, if your body has given a bad signal, there's nothing wrong with stopping for a moment. You can reduce some of the activities that need to be completed today.

Not that lazy, stress management is not only about emotional health, but also physical. When physical conditions are not good, it can have an effect on mental health.

Optimize Time

The third trick that should not be missed is optimizing the time in completing each responsibility. Having a series of important activities but without the ability to manage time, it is not impossible for you to encounter difficulties.

Try to make judgments about what needs to be completed within a certain time. Sorting by urgency might help.

Optimize the time to complete work without burdening you. Choosing the right time in addition to helping the work to be completed optimally also provides better rest opportunities.

Start managing stress management so that you can be productive even though you have a number of responsibilities, come on!

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