Diet Failed Merely? Check, lest you still make these 5 mistakes without realizing it!


Talking about diet will never end. Starting from diet tips, diet food, drinks, exercise to habits that we can do to support the diet. Not infrequently, the diet that we do is successful, but not infrequently also fails.

Failing when dieting can be caused by using a diet method based on trial and error without consulting an expert first. As a result, many habits are wrong and we are not aware of.

So, here are some mistakes that we often make and it turns out that they can frustrate the diet. Anything? Let's try to discuss one by one!

Using exercise as an excuse to eat more

Not infrequently while on a diet, we still eat a lot with the excuse of exercising. In fact, exercise does not burn fat and calories as much as we think. By exercising excessively, our bodies will actually need more energy sources so that we are more easily hungry.

Running for 30 minutes will only be enough to burn the calories contained in one cup of peanut butter. But that doesn't mean exercise can't be used for dieting and has no benefits, right! By eating foods that are really needed by the body in accordance with the dose of the diet and balanced with adequate exercise, the body will feel more comfortable.

Eat Lots of Vegetables and Fruits

Don't fruits and vegetables have good benefits for the body? Of course. However, there are certain types of fruits and vegetables that should be avoided or reduced when dieting because they contain calories and high sugar content and contain starch.

Beans, corn, and potatoes are higher in calories than other vegetables that have a lot of water, such as cucumbers and chickpeas. Eat vegetables that contain lots of water and fruits that are rich in fiber. Also substitute low-calorie, fat-free sauces.

Dieting to Look Like a Public Figure

Not a few who idolize celebrities who have ideal slim bodies and serve as body goals. It's not always good. Because it will worsen our psychological condition. Feelings of ungratefulness, insecurity, and no better than a model who has body goals will continue to haunt.

Focus on the process, not the result. Don't compare yourself with other people. Focus on what we've been through, not on what others have achieved. Do not see other people have succeeded in losing weight, but focus that we have succeeded in achieving the goals we set ourselves.

Instantly Take A Lot Of Food

We can try this one trick. Fill the plate with sufficient portions according to the portion of the diet. Because usually, we tend to finish what's on the plate and feel guilty if we don't finish the food. So, if you want to achieve a certain diet portion, you should enter food into the plate according to the portion of the diet.

Save A Lot Of Food

Do you like to stock a variety of foods in the refrigerator? Starting from snacks, snacks to sweet drinks, we may have stocked it in the refrigerator.

Because you have saved it, you will inevitably have to spend it. Though it is very disturbing diet. Well, it's best to replace these unhealthy snacks and foods with fruit, vegetables, and other healthy foods, OK!

Those are some mistakes that are rarely realized that can make a diet fail. One thing to remember, don't go on a diet just because it's a trend, or feel like changing your body because you're insecure. Go on a diet because you want to make your body healthier according to your needs. Spirit!

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