Chinese New Year is Coming Soon, These are the 4 Lucky Colors in the Year of the Water Tiger, Is There Your Favorite Color?


Fengshui has five elements to support energy balance in life, namely wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. In addition, these elements also represent certain qualities, such as wood representing creativity, fire representing courage, earth representing balance, metal representing focus, and water representing emotion.

Well, to keep the five elements in balance and positive, there are many ways that we can do. One of them is by incorporating the element of color into everyday life, which corresponds to the five elements.

Quoted from Lifestyle Asia, in this year of the Water Tiger, there are at least four colors that are said to bring good luck in life. These colors come from the four feng shui elements, namely wood (the main element of the tiger), water (the year 2022), fire, earth and the polarity of Yang.

The following colors are also known as strong colors, so they can increase the luck of those who wear them in the form of clothes or interiors in their homes. What colors bring good luck in the year of the Water Tiger? Compiled from Lifestyle Asia, here are the reviews.

Cerulean Blue

Curulean blue is a strong color. This color symbolizes calm and freedom. Blue curulean will denote auspicious energy when one uses it in job interviews, communication and negotiations.

When you involve this color in various aspects of your life, it can bring the water element to life, which can lead to hopelessness, lethargy, and coldness.

Mint Green

Mint green.Mint green./ Photo: Nilov

This color represents the wood element which reflects healing, growth, and creativity. Mint green proves to be lucky for those looking to adapt to a new job/place or start a new journey.

However, using mint green in excess can actually lead to defeat and feelings of jealousy in your life. So, be wise, yes.


The fire element is represented by the color red. That means, if you incorporate this color into your daily life, you will get a vibration of energy, vitality, passion, and love. This color will be better if you involve it in love affairs.

Although a good color to improve love life, but if used excessively will increase negative emotions, causing anger.

Imperial Yellow

Imperial yellow symbolizes pre-knowledge, wisdom and organization. This color also proves to be lucky when it comes to buying property and giving away valuables. However, excessive use of this color can lead to pride and adultery.

Of the four colors above, is there your favorite color? Come on, share this article with your friends.

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