Careful! Silent Treatment aka Silence Your Partner is a Sign of a Toxic Relationship, Get to Know it Here!

 The term toxic relationship or toxic relationship is often a conversation lately. Toxic relationships can be described as unhealthy relationships that occur between a person and another person, it can be family, friends or partners.

There are many types of toxic relationships, ranging from physical, verbal, mental violence, restraining behavior, limiting, manipulation and many more. To avoid this behavior, we must begin to recognize the signs that our relationship is heading in that direction.

Physical or verbal abuse may be easier to recognize because it is so obvious. However, what if we find ourselves experiencing unpleasant treatment that we are rarely aware of? One that is often encountered and is not aware of is the silent treatment.

What is Silent Treatment?

Silent treatment is a treatment in which a person silences another person who is in conflict with him, which if in a romantic relationship is his partner. The silent treatment can have various purposes. It can be to avoid conflict, stay away, even actions that aim to prevent the partner from discussing the problem.

This action is certainly not a good thing because the conflict will be allowed to drag on. Instead, misunderstandings will continue to occur because the core of the problem is not resolved.

A good relationship ideally has good communication that exists from both parties. Good communication can be seen from the ability to express opinions, desires, hopes, and being able to discuss to resolve problems to reach an agreement without harming one of the parties. Communication is also an important foundation for couples because it can strengthen relationships.

Silent Treatment Signs of Toxic Relationship

Each partner has their own way of resolving conflicts through communication. Each can express their wishes until they reach a meeting point. However, not all couples can do this.

So, what makes silent treatment categorized as a sign of a toxic relationship?

Some couples who are not able to express their opinions, desires, and hopes to their partners can cause the conflict that occurs to be more protracted. Especially if one party silences the other party during a conflict for a long time without any explanation.

When you put forward a sense of prestige and ego

The silenced party will feel awry because there is no explanation. Not to mention if it causes trauma and psychological effects such as stress to depression. This can be categorized as emotional violence, you know!

Any violence in any form will make a relationship unhealthy or what we usually know as a toxic relationship. If you or your partner feel like doing this, immediately evaluate yourself and learn to be more assertive.

Talking when emotions are at their peak is also not good. If you have been accustomed to silence your partner when you are angry, it would be nice when the anger has subsided, immediately communicate the things that are misunderstandings. Express what is the cause of the conflict and express the wishes and hopes so that they can evaluate each other and reach common ground. I hope you are always in a healthy relationship!

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