Can Make Confidence, These 3 Hidden Benefits of Chatting with Strangers! Dare to Try?


Have you ever chatted with a stranger you met on vacation or while waiting in line at the supermarket? For some people, talking to strangers can be daunting or a waste of time. Plus, since childhood we are always taught not to converse with strangers we meet.

But it turns out, talking or chatting with strangers has its own benefits, you know! A study published by Psychology Today showed that people have more positive experiences when they try to chat with strangers.

Sometimes, you may hesitate to chat with strangers for fear of being seen as rude or annoying, when the opposite is true. Another study from The Atlantic showed that both parties (the strangers) actually enjoy chatting and having a pleasant experience.

Well, here are some of the benefits of chatting with strangers. Come on, see!

Opportunity to Make New Friends

Having friends makes life a lot less lonely, agree? Having good friends can have a positive impact on life. In fact, research shows that having friends is good for both physical and mental health.

All of your current close friends were strangers at first, right? Then the strangers you meet in everyday life can also have the opportunity to become new friends. For example, maybe a barista from your favorite coffee shop, the owner of an online shop where you often shop, and many more. There's nothing wrong with trying to open a conversation with strangers you meet almost every day.

Get a New Perspective

Not all strangers can and should be friends, and it's super okay! Sometimes, chatting with a stranger at one time is enough. However, from this short conversation, you might get a new point of view that opens your mind.

They can give you a new perspective on things you've never considered before. In fact, you can also learn new things from them!

Increase Confidence

Maybe you feel anxious or nervous when it comes to greeting and chatting with strangers. But actually, the more often you do things that make you nervous, the less nervous you will feel. You will also be more confident because you managed to beat the anxiety.

By getting into the habit of talking to two or three strangers every day, you will gradually begin to feel more comfortable starting conversations with strangers. In addition, when you are in a crowd or meet new people whether at work or other situations, you will feel more confident. Because, you are used to interacting with strangers.

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