Bye Ex! These 4 Zodiacs are the Most Anti-Reverse with the Word

 After a breakup, we have the choice to determine how the relationship with the ex continues. Some of us, especially those who still hope for an ex will usually try to get back into a relationship.

Meanwhile, some others actually have a firm determination not to get back with their ex. Apparently, astrology plays a role in a person's decision to return or not to be in a relationship with an ex.

Well, here are the four zodiac signs who are the most anti-reverse with the words collected from Your Tango. Immediately see, come on!

1. Leo

As a zodiac sign that is naturally a leader at heart, Leo is always the dominant figure in a relationship. Generally they are the ones who make the decision to continue with the relationship or separate. If they have decided to separate, they are reluctant to get back with their ex-lover.

For Leo, it's a shame to give your ex a second chance. They will not waver with his decision even if the ex tries hard to win her heart again.

2. Scorpio

Having a trust issue is the main reason Scorpio is reluctant to get back with an ex. They hate betrayal and dishonesty. When they feel their trust has been broken, that trust will be lost forever.

Quoted from Elite Daily, after a breakup Scorpio will be angry with himself because from the start he trusted the wrong person. However beautiful their love story in the past will not make him think about getting back into a relationship with the same person.

3. Sagittarius

Sagittarius has a personality that is very focused on the future. Like the currents, they will not return to the same place. Likewise with their love relationship, they have the principle not to return to their ex-lover.

Ex's mistakes in the past are a strong reason they don't want to get back with their ex. Ex's efforts to correct their mistakes actually make them think the ex is not who he is.

4. Capricorn

Capricorns find it difficult to forgive other people's mistakes, especially ex-lover. They prefer to stay away from their ex after a breakup. Even though his ex has contacted him many times, they are still unanimous in his decision to stay away from the past.

According to Elite Daily, Capricorns think that they will only waste their time and energy if they get back together with their ex. They don't want to go back with someone they already know is bad.

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