Booster Vaccine Ready to be Distributed, These 5 Things You Shouldn't Do After Covid-19 Vaccination, Take Note!

 The government continues to aggressively fight Covid-19, which has not yet ended, and many other countries. It's almost finished with the first and second doses of vaccine, now on January 12, 2022, the third dose will be distributed again, the Booster vaccine.

The following is a list of what not to do after getting vaccinated against Covid-19. Anything? Read more here!

1. Ignoring Health because You Feel Your Body Is Invulnerable

Booster vaccine is an additional vaccine that can provide extra protection against this dangerous virus. However, that does not mean that when you have vaccinated your body will become immune from the virus.

This must also be supported by your efforts to maintain health. Don't because after the Covid-19 vaccine you feel 100% healthy and virus-free! Keep up the good health protocol!

2. Smoking

As we know, smoking is harmful to the body. Therefore, smoking is not recommended, especially after getting vaccinated against Covid-19.

Because, people who smoke are at risk for respiratory infections and increase the risk of respiratory diseases. In addition, reported by Unicef ​​India, smoking can exacerbate the side effects of vaccination.

3. Drinking Alcohol

Similar to smoking, drinking alcohol after the Covid-19 vaccination should not be done. While there are no scientifically approved studies measuring the effects of alcohol or smoking on vaccinations, drinking alcohol can worsen the side effects of Covid-19.

In addition, alcohol can negatively affect the immune system and there is a possibility that the immune response to vaccines will be ineffective if excessive alcohol is consumed.

4. Doing Strenuous Activities

Most people experience side effects after injecting the vaccine. Therefore, to restore a fit body, avoid doing strenuous activities afterward.

You can wait at least 2 to 3 days to resume strenuous activities. This time will make the body more recovered and ready to return to activities.

5. Skip the Consultation with the Doctor

If you feel that you have Covid-19 symptoms or experience excessive side effects after vaccination, you should not skip consulting a doctor. Immediately go and consult the problems you are experiencing.

Some of the side effects after the Covid-19 vaccination that show the body is building protection against Covid-19 are as follows:

arm pain

Mild fever



Muscle and joint pain

Apart from these side effects or if you experience severe side effects, return immediately and consult a doctor.

That's a row of things that should not be done after the Covid-19 vaccination. It should be noted carefully, so that you are always healthy!

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