BLACKPINK & IU's Jennie Diet Leaks That You Might Be Fit For!


Having an ideal body is a demand for entertainers.  Some public figures are also known to have struggled desperately to have an ideal body. One of them is through a diet program.

BLACKPINK's Jennie and IU are two South Korean artists who are known to go on a diet to get body goals without medical procedures. Interesting right? Recently, Jennie and IU also leaked the diet program that she was living on to the public.

What is Jennie BLACKPINK and IU's diet like? Let's look at the reviews below, compiled from HaiBunda. Shhh! That said, Jennie BLACKPINK's diet can lose weight up to 5 kilograms (kg) a week, you know.

BLACKPINK Jennie's diet

There are several dietary rules that Jennie does during the diet. These diets are:

Eat Without Salt

BLACKPINK's Jennie admitted to the South Chinese Morning Post that she is following a salt-free diet. "Even when other BLACKPINK members eat something delicious, I only eat porridge because I'm on a no-salt diet," explained Jennie.

This is done by Jennie BLACKPINK because her body is easy to get fat when she eats a lot of salty food. Avocado salad, porridge and detox juice are Jennie's food choices. Don't forget to do sports too.

Drink Herbal Tea

The habit of drinking tea seems to benefit the body. It was proven by Jennie, who during the diet program always consumed herbal tea. The choice of drinking herbal tea was made because Jennie believes tea can get rid of toxins in the body.

Salmon Protein

For nutritional balance, Jennie doesn't forget to eat protein. He chose salmon as a source of protein for his body compared to other animals. He can eat two pieces of salmon with a sprinkling of black pepper for dinner.

Then, what about IU's diet?

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