Billie Eilish Has Had The Rare Nervous Disorder Tourette's Syndrome Since She Was A Child, What Is It?


Who doesn't know Billie Eilish? This singer from the United States is being loved and is an inspiration to young people today. He has received various awards, his songs have become hits all over the world and become one of the successful young singers.

However, he did not get this success easily, Billie admitted that he was reluctant to appear in public because of Tourette's syndrome which he had had since childhood.

In a post on Instagram, Billie has boldly revealed to her fans that she has been with Toutrette since childhood and she wants people to stop acting silly. Curious about what Tourette's syndrome is? Check out the explanation below.

What is Tourette's Syndrome?

Tourette's syndrome is a problem with the nervous system that causes people to make sudden, uncontrollable movements or sounds called tics. For example, someone with Tourette's will blink or move things repeatedly or say words that they don't want to say.

Citing the Mayo Clinic page, tics usually appear between the ages of 2 and 15 years with an average age of around 6 years. Men are about three to four times more likely to develop Tourette's syndrome than women.

Billi Eilish reveals that tics began as a child and that Tourette's syndrome makes easy things a lot more difficult.

“Certain things increase and/or trigger the intensity of the tics. But it's something I grew up with and got used to. I taught myself techniques to help reduce it when I didn't want to be intrusive in certain situations."

Tics are a bit like hiccups, although you may not want them to hiccup your body does. Sometimes people can stop themselves from doing certain tics for a while, but that's hard. Finally, people with tics keep doing repetitive movements.

What are the symptoms and how to treat Tourette's Syndrome?

Symptoms of Tourette's Syndrome

Sudden, brief, intermittent movements or sounds are the hallmark of Tourette's syndrome. Tics can range from mild to severe and can significantly interfere with communication, daily activities, and quality of life. Tics are classified into two namely:

Simple tics are sudden, brief, repetitive tics that involve a limited number of muscle groups.

Complex tics are distinct and coordinated movement patterns involving multiple muscle groups.

Quoting from the CDC, there are two types of tics namely;

Motor tics are repetitive conditions that occur with body movements such as blinking, shrugging, or jerking the arm.

Vocal tics are repeated conditions through which the sufferer makes sounds, such as clearing his throat, shouting words or phrases, humming.

Causes of Tourette's Syndrome

Doctors and scientists do not yet know the exact cause of tics. But research shows that it is an inherited genetic condition.

Tourette's Syndrome Treatment

There is currently no definitive cure for Tourette's syndrome but there are treatments available to manage and control tics if the movement causes pain, injury, interferes with activities, or causes stress.

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