Besides Boosting Immunity, These 7 Drinks Can Also Relieve Stress Easily and Safely


After going through a fun year-end vacation, we will be faced with a to-do list and often make us stressed or tired after work.

Stress or fatigue that we experience should not be taken lightly because it can affect our physical or mental health. To overcome this stress can be done in several easy and safe ways, one of which is by consuming some of the drinks below.

Maybe some of us think that alcohol is often used as a drink to relieve stress, but if consumed too much can actually interfere with our health.

Here's a list of drinks that are safe to consume to relieve stress and fatigue, which are reported from several sources, hopefully it helps!

1. Matcha

This type of green tea is indeed a favorite drink of many people and is rich in content that can relieve stress, such as non-protein amino acids and L-theanine. This is as reported by the VOI page.

Matcha is also known as a good source of amino acids compared to other types of tea. Therefore, this drink is suitable to be consumed every day, either cold or hot.

2. Coconut Water

Since the first, coconut water is believed to provide many benefits for the health of the body and can relieve some minor ailments quickly and safely. Launching from the Medinda page, coconut water is good for consumption to relieve stress or fatigue and make the body fresh again.

Coconut water contains electrolytes, potassium, magnesium, as well as vitamin C which can reduce anxiety, stress, increase body energy, make sleep better, and improve blood circulation.

In addition, coconut water also prevents the body from dehydration and contains potassium which functions to maintain blood pressure and improve heart function.

3. Mineral Water

Launching from the 'Anxiety, Panic, Health' page, when the body is dehydrated, the body does not function properly. Dehydration will interfere with blood flow in the brain and the movement of body hormones.

Therefore, the intake of mineral water in the body must be sufficient to keep the body hydrated so that body functions work optimally. Mineral water is also known to release endorphins, where these hormones affect mood and distract from anxiety and stress.

4. Warm Milk

After being tired of activities, warm milk can be a suitable drink to drink before bed, you know. Milk contains the protein lactium, which helps relax the body, lowers blood pressure, and potassium, which helps relax muscles. This is as reported by The Daily Meal page.

In addition, consuming warm milk is also known to help sleep more soundly and quality after a tired activity.

5. Ginger Drink

Launching from the Healthline page, ginger is a type of spice that has good benefits for body health, one of which is improving brain function, has high antioxidants to increase body immunity, and relieve stress.

You can get drink recipes with ginger or make your own easily, such as ginger tea, ginger water with cinnamon, or other drinks. Especially if it is consumed when it is warm, it is suitable for relaxing the body.

6. Chamomile Tea

Launching from the Artfultea page, many chamomile flowers are processed into tea because when consumed it has properties that calm a tired body and relax the mind.

Chamomile tea can be consumed warm, added a little honey for a natural sweetener, and is suitable for consumption at any time, especially in the afternoon and evening.

In addition, this tea can also overcome insomnia, relieve anxiety, and make you sleep better at night.

7. Fresh Green Vegetable Juice

Not only delicious consumed as food, green vegetables such as spinach, celery, kale, or others can be processed into fresh juice with calcium and magnesium content that helps reduce blood pressure and vitamin C content can control the body's response to reduce stress. This is as reported by the MENSXP page.

Hopefully the drink recommendations above can help you relieve stress after a day of activities, OK!

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