Before Going Any Further, Recognize 4 Red Flag Signs on a First Date


The first date is an important early phase in a relationship. The reason is, in this introductory phase you can find out more about the character and personality of the him.

But in addition to knowing the character and personality, on the first date you can also identify if there is a red flag on the him before going any further. Knowing the red flags on a first date is one of the best ways to stop wasting time with the wrong person.

In addition, you will also avoid feeling hurt before finally falling deeper into that person. Well, here are the red flags that you can identify on the first date. Come on, see!

Choosing a Food and Beverage Menu

Eating a meal while getting to know each other makes a restaurant an ideal first date spot. Well, besides knowing more, you can also see if he has a red flag.

The trick is to see if he insists on choosing a food and drink menu for you. If the restaurant is a place he frequents, he may want to make a recommendation. But still, all the choices are yours.

But if he insists on forcing you to choose the food and drink that you will eat, this could be a red flag, right! In fact, this could be a sign that he has a controlling nature.

Talking about the past with your ex

On a first date, there are many topics of conversation that can be discussed with the aim of getting to know each other. Starting from hobbies, favorite music and movies, to their respective activities.

But if he talks about his past, especially his ex, this is a red flag that you should avoid. Because, this means he still hasn't moved on from the shadows of the past. When he talks about your ex, you should ask yourself if he's really interested in you or not.

Too 'Romantic'

For some people, being treated romantically on a first date may be a lot of fun. Being given flowers, being given gifts, and being treated like a princess, it felt like a beautiful dream had come true.

However, there is the potential that it is just a 'dream' aka too good to be true, here! Excessive praise, giving gifts, and other romantic things can be love bombing. Love bombing is a term to describe where you are being showered with excessive affection for a specific purpose or are trying to deceive you.

If you see this in him, need to be careful, yes!

Late for no apparent reason

Another red flag on a very obvious first date is arriving late for no apparent reason. If there is an emergency or there may be an unexpected traffic jam, you can still understand this.

But you should really rethink whether he's interested or not if he doesn't give a clear reason why he's late. If he doesn't tell you at all, you're probably just wasting your time. And if you want to find someone serious about being in a relationship, start with someone who values ​​your time.

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