Beautiful and Smart, This is a Row of Famous Actresses Who Turns Out to be a Miss Korea!


Beauty pageants or beauty contests are one of the arenas for the existence of women who are not only physically beautiful, but also social skills, language, general knowledge, and manners. Of course, they have their own standards in beauty and physique to be able to enter the ranks of beauty pageant participants, to become a finalist is very difficult. Moreover, officially bears the title as the winner.

In South Korea itself, the Miss Korea Beauty Pageant has been held for a long time and has produced proud representatives to advance to Miss World and Miss Universe.

The actions of the Miss Korea, it turns out that it doesn't just stop at the beauty pageant, you know. Many continue their careers as actresses. Here are some famous actresses that you might just know are Miss Korea!

Kim Sung Ryeong

The actress who plays the mother of Kim Tan in the drama The Heirs, actress Kim Sung Ryeong, is a Miss Korea. She won the beauty pageant in 1988, and represented Korea to the Miss World pageant.

Now, Kim Sung Ryeong has been known as one of the veteran actresses and has appeared in many successful dramas. Call it The Legend Of The Blue Sea, The Beauty Inside, and popular films such as The Call, Keys To The Heart, Will You Be There?, and so on.

Oh Hyun Kyung

While busy with the drama Lady and Young Gentleman, Oh Hyun Kyung once appeared as a cameo in My Roomate is a Gumiho as Hyeri's mother who is famous for being beautiful and intelligent.

Who would have thought, it turns out that the actress who is also Seo Hyun Jin's mother in You Are My Spring is the winner of the 1989 Miss Korea Beauty Pageant, you know. Besides, she has starred in many dramas since 1994. Some of her famous works are Miss Ahjumma, Beautiful Gongshim, and Radio Romance.

Honey Lee

The actress who officially married in 2021 is also a Miss Korea, you know. To be precise, the actress who was successful with One The Woman was the winner of Miss Korea 2006.

As an actress, Lee Honey or also known as Honey Lee has starred in many popular works. Call it the drama The Fiery Priest and One The Woman for the drama, then Tazza: Hidden Card and Extreme Job for the film.

Kim Sa Rang

The actress who was betrothed to Hyun Bin in the drama drama Secret Garden, Kim Sa Rang, was the winner at the Miss Korea 2000 event. Her latest drama is in 2020, namely Hera: The Goddess Of Revenge.

Previously, Kim Sa Rang also played the character in Abyss as the version of Ko Se Yeon before dying and changing into actress Park Bo Young.

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