Be careful, getting used to doing this makes it difficult for you to become a rich man!

 Who doesn't want to be rich? Most of us want it. So it's not surprising that a series of efforts have been made to reach that point.

But, what have you been working on so far? Is it enough to work hard? According to David Rae, a Certified Financial Planner to Forbes, there are several things that make it difficult for you to become a rich person.

It's hard to tell the difference between a high salary and being rich

The main thing you can do to get rich is to be able to tell the difference between making a high salary and being rich. Usually with high salaries, automatically make lifestyle costs rise to look good.

People who want to be rich or even richer, actually take advantage of these high salaries to invest and have good financial decisions, rather than for the sake of a life that looks luxurious.

And not infrequently, in order to maintain a luxurious lifestyle, you can risk living by exceeding your salary. Actually, it's perfectly legal to want to buy branded goods. But if it's too much and makes you trapped in consumer debt, then the sign is unhealthy, right?

Wait to be rich first to invest

Many people feel that only people who are rich or have fantastic income can invest. With this in mind, it makes them delay investing, until at least they reach a salary standard that they think they can invest in.

In fact, the investment itself can be started from a relatively low nominal. In addition, at this time we are also facilitated with various investment offers according to ability. But make sure first that you have studied it before jumping in.

According to David, even investment has risks, such as losses. But over time, the risk of not investing is even greater. For example, the risk of running out of money in retirement.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Well, do you also often do adopting an unhealthy lifestyle? It seems that being healthy does not need to be cheap, as we all know that organic food is more expensive, for example.

But, if you are sick, it also costs a lot of money. Therefore, it is better to allocate your money for a healthy lifestyle according to your ability. There's even a free one! Such as exercising regularly alone (not at the gym), adequate rest, and a healthy diet.

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