Based on the Zodiac, this is Kate Middleton's personality when she becomes a life partner

 Turning 40, Prince William's wife looks stunning in a new portrait shared on Kensington Palace's official Instagram account to mark the Duchess of Cambridge's birthday. Judging from Kate Middleton's birth date which falls on January 9, this indicates that the Duchess of Cambridge is a Capricorn. In astrology, this zodiac sign is known as a hard-working, intelligent, and ambitious person.

However, when it comes to romance, Capricorn is a loyal partner and a good supporter for his partner. Hmm... how about as a couple, how about the personality of the future Queen of the British Empire? Does it match your zodiac sign? Reporting from Elite Daily, let's take a peek at Kate Middleton's personality as a life partner below.

Faithful Couple

When it comes to loyalty, the Capricorn zodiac sign is one of the most loyal. Once they entrust their heart to one person, this zodiac sign will not turn to another heart.

This Capricorn personality is clearly seen in Kate Middleton, who has always been faithful to her husband, Prince William for almost 11 years. Even though they were hit by slanted issues, both of them proved that their household was fine. In fact, they still look intimate like they are still dating, even though they have been married for a long time.

Always support your partner

Extremely ambitious and always goal-oriented are the inherent personalities of the Capricorn zodiac. They always have goals to achieve in life and work hard to achieve those goals.

When acting as a life partner is the same. It's just that this zodiac sign always looks towards a bigger purpose in life than their partner. They always encourage their partners to be more enthusiastic in realizing the goals they dream of.

This Capricorn personality, seems also attached to Kate Middleton. On several occasions, the Duchess of Cambridge has always been there to support her husband. One of them was watching Prince William playing polo at the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy some time ago.

Slightly Stubborn

As a Capricorn, Kate Middleton may be a little stubborn and doesn't give up easily on charity projects or other royal duties. This personality may be influenced by the zodiac Kate who is known to be stubborn. Once they have made a choice, they are difficult to change their minds. In fact, don't let other people interfere with the decisions that have been made.

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