Based on Astrology, The Characters In Emily In Paris Are Very Representing The Traits Of These 4 Zodiacs


Are you a fan of the Emily in Paris series? This series from the United States has just aired season 2 on December 22 last. So, it's not surprising that a series that tells about the hardships and joys of working in someone's country is being talked about, especially for fans of the Netflix series.

Well, not only starring Lily Collins, but several other famous artists also star in this Netflix series, such as Lucas Bravo as Gabriel, Ashley Park as Mindy Chen, to Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie, Emily's boss who is very strict and annoying.

Reporting from Screen Rant, when viewed from an astrological point of view, the characters in the Emily in Paris series have similarities with some of these zodiac signs, you know. Curious? Come on, check this article to the end.

Sagittarius - Emily

Adventurous, impulsive, self-confident, and not easily overwhelmed, although often humiliated and verbally bullied by his co-workers are characters that we can see from Emily Cooper. If based on astrology, Emily's character is very compatible with the zodiac Sagittarius, the true adventurer.

Not only that, Emily's easy to move on character also shows that she is very Sagittarius. This can be seen from when Emily had just broken up with her ex-boyfriend. It didn't take long for Emily to find a replacement.

Aquarius - Gabriel

Emily's neighbor on this one succeeded in making the audience fascinated. Played by Lucas Bravo, Gabriel is a man who can have fun at parties, but also likes to be alone. This character is very suitable for the Aquarius zodiac, which sometimes likes to be in crowds, but actually this zodiac has a tendency to be more reserved and shy.

Virgo- Sylvie

This Emily boss is known to be very strict and annoying. However, when it comes to appearance, Sylvie is no less fashionable than Emily. On top of that, Sylvie was also very critical, calm, and a perfectionist so it was quite difficult for Emily to impress her.

From Sylvie's character, it can be guessed that she is a Virgo who is known to be very perfectionist, likes to criticize others, and is difficult to impress.

Taurus - Mindy Chen

In the first season, it was told that Mindy Chen, who came from China, went to Paris because she didn't want to follow the career choice that her family had determined and at the same time stay away from her embarrassing experience. When viewed from an astrological perspective, Mindy's character is similar to Taurus, who is known to be stubborn because he always does what he wants.

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