Avoid Stress, Here Are 5 Reasons Why Self Rewards Are Important for Yourself


Various ways can be done to make yourself feel happy, one of which is when you successfully complete a target, you give yourself a self reward. Self-reward is a form of appreciation for yourself to make you more motivated and productive to achieve future goals.

Not only expensive items as gifts, you can buy things you have wanted for a long time or go on vacation or even eat at your favorite restaurant. However, there are still many people who underestimate self-reward.

In fact, giving gifts to yourself can have a positive impact, you know! Here are some important reasons to do self-reward for yourself. Check this out!

1. Appreciation for Yourself

Appreciation doesn't always come from other people, it turns out that appreciation can also come from yourself, you know! You can appreciate yourself and don't have to wait for other people to appreciate it, because that can make you overexpected. If those expectations don't match reality, it will make you disappointed, right?

So, you can appreciate yourself by buying your favorite food, watching a movie, drinking coffee, taking a leisurely walk, or doing things that make you happy. You can also invite relatives or relatives to do fun things together.

2. Maintaining and Enhancing Work Morale

When you work, you definitely have to complete deadlines and assignments from your boss, right? Even your work environment sometimes makes you uncomfortable. Well, one of the things you can do after finishing office work is to do self-reward and understand your heart, and what you need.

Because you are required to always be enthusiastic in carrying out activities, then you can do self-reward first and continue working again. In addition, self-rewarding can also increase motivation and make you more productive at work.

3. We Deserve to Get Self Rewards for Ourselves

The third reason is that we deserve self-reward for ourselves. Self reward is done to make us appreciate ourselves more, appreciate what we have done with our energy and abilities. Of course this can make us do more good opportunities.

You deserve a reward for your hard work for having succeeded in achieving a success and don't ever feel like you don't deserve it, okay! You have to start learning to respect yourself from now on, and pay attention to yourself so that your life is more meaningful and happy. You deserve it!

4. Self Reward as a Drug to Release Fatigue and Stress

A pile of work can make you tired and stressed. If you already feel tired and stressed, it can have a bad impact on your performance. In addition, stress can also trigger mental health problems. One way that can be done is to provide self-rewards to ourselves. Self reward can be a drug to overcome fatigue and stress.

After getting self reward, your mind is much better and you can get positive energy to boost your spirits and reach your target. In addition, self-reward can also make you happier and it can have a positive influence on others, you know!

5. Self Reward as a Form of Loving Yourself

Last but not least, self reward is done as a form of loving yourself. Many people are more concerned with loving others, but neglecting themselves. Even though you also have the right to be loved and you don't need to be upset because you feel that no one loves you. It's better before loving someone else, love yourself.

One proof of loving yourself is to give awards or prizes for your hard work and give whatever is best for yourself, because you love and care for yourself. By loving yourself or self love, happiness will come to you.

Well, that's 5 reasons why self-reward is important. How, have you done it too?

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