Apart from Providing Privacy for Couples, These 6 Things Should Be Normal in Relationships


Having a partner might increase your enthusiasm for work or work. However, most people often go through a forced relationship until the end is not happy.

So, to make your relationship more durable, happy and not lead to a toxic relationship, it's good to start normalizing some of these things in your love relationship.

1. Ask “He” Needs Time To Alone

Two lovebirds who fall in love are inseparable. To the extent that everything the couple did for a full day had to be reported. However, this fact actually makes your partner not have space for himself.

Instead of getting stickier, they might feel constrained, you know. Therefore, you should ask your partner "Honey, do you need time for yourself or just me time?". What more if he is in a problem that makes him angry or sad.

He may not immediately tell you the problem he is experiencing, for fear of making you an outlet for his annoyance. So, giving him time could be the best way for you.

2. Accepting Each Other's Weaknesses

Well, if this is you, you may have discussed this at the beginning of your relationship with your partner, right? If so, this could be a good start for your relationship. Because with you who can accept each other, you can cover each other's shortcomings and make your relationship more perfect.

But, if from the start you can't accept the shortcomings that exist in them. It's not impossible, you will blame him for the shortcomings he has, if one day you get into trouble.

3. Changing or Setting New Constraints

Changing or setting these boundaries is usually considered a follow-up to your attitude of wanting to give them time or space for themselves. This means that those of you who may not initially know the distance from your partner have to start giving him space. So, he also has a partition for his own privacy.

4. Apologize and Take Responsibility

Quarrels in relationships are bound to happen. It's just how you and him treat each other. Are you responsible for the mistakes you made or are you blaming each other for making a fuss?

It becomes more complicated if you blame each other. However, it would be better if you admit the mistakes that have been made and take responsibility for them. So that your relationship will be more harmonious in the future.

5. Be honest about your expectations with Doi

It's a natural thing to hope for them, but it would be even better if you shared your hopes with them. He'll probably work on your expectations as best he can, so you won't be disappointed later.

However, if he feels burdened by your expectations, you should communicate again and find a way out together so that you are not disappointed and he can still work for you.

6. Discuss All Problems and Doubts

Last but not least, if you have any doubts or feel suspicious about it, try to directly communicate it properly without offending him. Trying to discuss your concerns with your partner will be a good foundation for your relationship to grow closer.

Making sure you are always there for your partner and consistent in establishing communication is good. However, that doesn't mean you have to know his every move. There are times when a person needs space and time for himself. As long as we always communicate and discuss something we want, it is not impossible that your relationship will be healthier and more durable in the future.

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