Always Want to Pee During Sex? Pay attention to these 4 causes


Sexual activity is quite necessary for concentration, if there is a little distraction, the passion may immediately decrease and do not want to continue it to completion. Distraction can be a feeling of wanting to urinate.

If you experience it, take it easy, because it is a natural thing. But if this happens often enough, it could be a sign of disease.

Consider the 4 causes put forward by the Executive Director of The Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship Medicine, Michael Krychman and a psychiatrist who is also an expert in neurobehavioral science from the University of Virginia, Anita Clayton below.

Sex Position

Sex positions with men who are on top can also encourage the urge to urinate. If by chance the man has a distended stomach, his stomach may continue to push the bladder, causing the urge to urinate. Changing the position to be a woman on top or a woman on top can help reduce it.

Dry Vagina

Not the usual dry vagina, vaginal dryness that can cause the urge to urinate is a sign of approaching menopause. This is due to decreased estrogen levels. Because, it is estrogen that helps moisture and as a lubricant in the vaginal area which also keeps the urinary tract from drying out. When the urinary tract membrane is dry, some women feel the urge to urinate.

Urinary tract infection

The urge to urinate during sexual intercourse can also be a sign of a urinary tract infection. Immediately see a doctor if the urge to urinate is also accompanied by pain.

Uterus Down

Prolapsed uterus or the descent of the uterus near the vagina can also be the cause of the urge to urinate during sex. This situation will put pressure on the bladder.

The prolapsed uterus can be caused by age, loosening of the muscles around the uterus or pregnancy. This causes the urge to urinate not only during sex, but can be throughout the day.

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