7 Most Popular Indonesian Crazy Rich Figures, Have Billions of Salaries to Own a Private Jet!

 Thanks to his hard work and never-ending passion, a number of people have succeeded in achieving the things they want, including having abundant wealth. In Indonesia, there are many people who have succeeded in carrying out various professions and businesses until now making a lot of wealth.

There is a row of the most popular Crazy Rich Indonesia, who are they? Check it out here!

1. Raffi Ahmad

Starting a career from scratch, coupled with his never-ending passion, Raffi Ahmad has now become one of the country's most successful celebrities. Especially after he married Nagita Slavina, the two of them built a business together until now they have reaped many benefits. Often called Sultan Andara, Raffi Ahmad's name cannot be separated from being referred to as one of Indonesia's Crazy Rich.

2. Gilang Widya Pramana

Besides Raffi Ahmad, who has successfully built a business with his wife, there is also the name of Gilang Widya Pramana, who has succeeded in doing business with his wife, Shandy Purnamasari. Called Crazy Rich Malang, now Gilang and Shandy have an abundance of wealth, they even have private jets! Not only is MS Glow successful, the transportation business is no less successful, another name for Gilang is Juragan 99.

3. Empress Kemala

In collaboration with Gilang and Shandy, Maharani Kemala is also one of the successful figures of MS Glow. Crazy Rich from Bali is now living in wealth and is one of Indonesia's Crazy Rich series.

4. Rudy Salim

Still 34 years old, but the name Rudy Salim has been successful as a young entrepreneur in various fields. Apart from being the CEO of Prestige Motorcars, which is an automotive company, he also recently collaborated with Raffi Ahmad to acquire Cilegon United FC to become Rans Cilegon FC.

5. Ahmad Sahroni

Then there is the name Ahmad Sahroni who is known as Crazy Rich Tanjung Priok. He is a businessman and also a member of the Indonesian Parliament. Having two profitable professions, it is not wrong if Ahmad Sahroni is surrounded by abundant wealth.

6. Indra Kenzo

Handsome, young, and rich is a brief description of the figure of Indra Kesuma or who is more familiarly called Indra Kenz. This 25-year-old man already has a lot of wealth with his profession as an entrepreneur as well as a YouTuber.

On social media, he often shares his portrait with a row of luxury cars. In fact, when he's on a whim, he can buy a billion-dollar luxury car! His name is also popular as Crazy Rich Medan.

7. Doni Salmanan

Besides Indra Kenz, there is the name Doni Salmanan who also reaped success at a young age. The man who is also dubbed as Crazy Rich Bandung has a salary of billions! In fact, he used to work as a coolie and an office boy. But thanks to his hard work, this 23-year-old man is now getting a lot of coffers of wealth.

That's the most popular Crazy Rich Indonesia row. Of course, there are other Crazy Rich lists besides the list above. Well, let's write in the comments anyone Crazy Rich Indonesia that you know!

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