6 Types of Overthinking You Need To Know, Which One Have You Experienced?


Overthinking is a term for excessive, uncontrollable thoughts. Everyone does have a different ability to control everything that is in his mind. But the most important thing is to try to minimize the overthinking so it doesn't have a bad impact on yourself.

One way is to study overthinking and understand its types. Quoted from Myeasythrephy, here are some types of overthinking.

Worries about the Future

The first type of overthinking is worrying about the future. Usually this starts with the emergence of a sentence in the mind that reads "what if". If this has started to creep into the mind, then the seeds of overthinking will begin to grow.

For this reason, it should always be remembered that the future is filled with things that will never be known, there will always be the possibility of a result that is not too ideal. On the other hand, there is also the possibility of encouraging results.

Contemplation of the Past

The next type of overthinking is musing about the past. Everyone has a tendency to replay past events in their mind. Especially the past that hurts.

Usually this type of overthinking will start blaming himself for whatever role he played in the past so that he gets results that are not in line with expectations. Usually there will also be an assumption that this is embarrassing yourself for being a mistake.

Overthinking the Big Picture

This type of overthinking makes a person trapped in a big event such as worrying about global warming or the corona virus pandemic which has so much effect on life's sectors as it is today. Usually this type of overthinking worries about things that cannot be controlled.

Mind Reading

Have you ever worried about how other people think about you? If yes, then chances are you can enter the type of overthinking reading minds.

This type of overthinking can lead to feelings of anxiety, insecurity or even isolation. To be able to control yourself more to avoid this type of overthinking is to focus on the things you want to do, not on other people's judgments.


Doubt is also a type of overthinking. This type of overthinking is usually found because you think too much and spend a lot of energy making decisions.

It's not an easy thing to make a decision, but at least you can control yourself to not be too doubtful. One way that can be done is to look at the values ​​and principles that exist in you so that every decision you will take can be based on them.


Hopelessness or what is usually called hopelessness is also a type of overthinking. People who experience this type of overthinking are usually trapped in a cycle of negative, unproductive thoughts about themselves. Usually followed by the words "no point in trying", or "I will not get better".

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