6 Easy and Safe Ways to Reduce Menstrual Pain that can be Done at Home

 Menstrual pain that we often feel, often interferes with activities and in some cases makes us unable to get out of bed.

The pain that often occurs during menstruation can be of various kinds, one of which is because the uterine wall will decay so that it contracts harder to release an unfertilized egg.

The level of pain for each woman is different, some are mild to severe enough to require treatment from a doctor. To deal with pain during menstruation there are several methods that we can use to relieve it.

Here are some easy and safe methods or ways to reduce pain during menstruation that you can do at home:

1. Get Enough Rest

Avoid staying up late and make sure to get enough rest during menstruation so that the body has enough energy to carry out activities all day. Launching from the Unwhealth page, try lying down with your feet on a pillow or lying on your side with your knees touching your chest.

Sleeping position like that can relieve pain and help overcome fatigue during menstruation.

2. Do light exercise

Just imagining it, maybe you are not strong enough to exercise in a sick body condition due to menstrual pain, right? However, Marc Winter, M.D, a certified OB/GYN at a hospital in California, explains that moderate exercise can help improve blood circulation in the body.

"Light exercise such as walking or yoga helps the production of endorphins which are hormones to increase the feeling of good for the body," he said, quoted from the Seventeen page.

Endorphin hormones will help the brain to reduce pain during menstruation. You can do yoga, aerobic exercise, or take a small walk around the house to increase the production of endorphins.

3. Use Menstrual Patch

Menstrual patches are soft pads that can conduct heat in the desired body area through the skin so that it can relieve menstrual pain. The heat delivered will increase blood flow to that area of ​​the body and relax the muscles that are contracting.

There are already several local brands that issue menstrual patches with variants and prices that you can adjust and can be purchased online or offline.

4. Take a warm bath or bath

In addition, you can also take a bath or warm bath for some time so that the contracted muscles can relax and feel more relaxed. When bathing, you can also add essential oils or bath bombs with a calming aroma.

Launching from the Advil page, also prepare warm herbal tea, music, or some aromatherapy candles that make your mood better, so that the pain can be reduced.

5. Consumption of Supplements or Herbal Teas

Supplements containing vitamin B1 or herbal teas such as ginger tea, chamomile flower tea can fight pain during menstruation. Launching from the Flo Health page, ginger tea is rich in anti-inflammatory which works to reduce pain and chamomile tea makes the body feel more relaxed.

If you can't take certain supplements, you can try eating foods that contain magnesium, such as almonds, spinach, peanut butter, or others.

6. Make sure the body is hydrated during menstruation

One of the things that should not be missed is keeping the body hydrated during menstruation. A dehydrated body will reduce the function of body organs, such as oxygen cannot flow perfectly to the uterine area which causes pain that does not go away.

Avoid consuming caffeine because it can worsen menstrual pain, hope this helps!

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