5 YouTube Channels to Help Workout at Home, Easy to Follow and Doesn't Make You Tired

 The pandemic has indeed caused our space to be limited. The call to stay at home reduces our mobility both in work and in social life. Of course this also has an impact on the routine activities that many people usually do every week, namely sports.

Many people are used to exercising outside the home such as jogging, swimming or other sports activities. However, now you can also do exercise at home. Workout regularly with the right duration and method will help you stay in shape during activities at home.

In addition, this workout activity can also increase your concentration to help form an ideal slim body. Come on, check out 5 YouTube channels for workouts that can be your guide in exercising at home!

Chloe Ting

This YouTube channel was viral on various social media because it was considered capable of building muscle in a relatively short time. Many people have tried to follow the method in several videos from Chloe Thing's channel and have succeeded in shaping a more ideal body.

Not surprisingly, this channel has been watched by more than millions of viewers from all over the world. This channel is also very suitable for those of you who are on a diet, here!

Pamela Reif

Most people are lazy to exercise at home because they don't have exercise aids like at the gym. However, don't worry, this Pamela Reif channel offers various workout methods without the need for tools.

Usually, each session is only 15 minutes long so you don't need to spend a lot of time. Pamela Reif also invites exercise to the accompaniment of music to increase enthusiasm when exercising.


Cassey Ho's channel can be your guide in doing workouts at home. Cassey Ho is a fitness instructor and entrepreneur who is on the rise in various countries thanks to his educational YouTube channel.

Blogilates combines Pilates with workout movements that can help shape the body. Each training session is very interesting and it's a shame to skip it.

SKWAD Fitness

Cardio is one type of exercise that is on the rise because in addition to being able to shape the body, it can also make the body more flexible and relaxed. SKWAD Fitness is a channel that can help you workout at home.

This channel provides various methods, from dance cardio, high intense cardio, to aerobics. You can choose the workout method that best suits your needs in only 1 channel.

The Fitness Marshall

Sports are considered not too fun and even tiring. However, The Fitness Marshall YouTube channel is guaranteed to make your sports activities feel fun.

This channel offers cardio and dance fitness methods that will make your workout sessions more lively. The account owner, Calleb Marshall, often jokes between training sessions. He also always chooses songs that make the mood and enthusiasm rise to accompany your daily workout.

So, those are 5 YouTube channels that you can use as a guide and accompany your workout activities at home. Even if you are at home, you must maintain your health through exercise, OK!

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